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Fire Rated Bullet Resistant Pass Thru Package Receiver | CSE-NBP-PR

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12 Month Warranty
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Bullet Resistant Level: Level 1 (Standard)
Size: 14" (w) x 14" (h) x 14" (d)
Door Swing: Left Door Swing
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The NBP Package Receiver is a UL® listed bullet resistant level 1 and fire resistant assembly made to transfer bulky items through a common wall. Flanges L-brackets are welded onto the box according to your finished wall depth. A fixed exterior trim is included with each passer . This product includes interior and exterior doors and a locking system that ensures that only one door can be open at any given time.

Material: Ballistic UL Listed Steel
Exterior Finish: #4 Brushed Stainless Steel
Interior Finish: #4 Stainless Steel
Housing Finish: #3 Stainless Steel
Interlock: Mechanical interlock to prevent both doors from being simultaneously open
Hinges: Continuous Hinge in Stainless steel
Exterior: Standard Door Pull
Interior: Standard Door Pull
Weight: Approx. 110 lbs
Frame: Interior Clamping Trim Frame
Minimum Wall Thickness: 5"

Ballistics Rating: UL 752 Level 1 (9mm)

Rating: UL Fire Classification UL "B" 90 minute
Labeling: UL Fire Classification UL 'B' 90 minute
Unit factory assembled and inspected for operation
Both doors have standard wire pull
Mechanical interlock controls door

Ballistics Rating: UL Level 3 (.44 magnum)
Rating: UL Fire Classification UL "B" 90 minute
Labeling: UL Fire Classification UL 'B' 90 minute
Unit factory assembled and inspected for operation
Both doors have standard wire pull
Mechanical interlock controls door

Lock Options

Basic Cam Lock w/ shroud:
Keyed Paddle Latch: Stainless steel paddle latch with keys
Keyed Locking Door Handle:
Guard Lock: Exterior door is locked from Inside. This option locks BOTH doors in the closed position and exterior door has an automatic closer.

The packager receiver can be fabricated including any option with any size or application. Please give us a call for a proposal. Product Drawings for approval in three (3) working days from order for all custom orders. 24" is max depth for fire classification. Try to stay to square sizes for box integrity.

Thee Part Specifications


    1. Scope of Work
      1. The work required for this section includes furnishing and installing the dual rated bullet resistant, fire classified package passer(s) of the sizes, types and quantities indicated in the project drawings.
      2. The bullet resistant package passer(s), accessories and hardware shall be provided such that the entire assembly be UL Listed and bear a Dual UL Label for the (specify ballistic threat level here,) Available Ballistic Levels for this product line : Level 1, 9mm, Level 2, 357 magnum, Level 3, 44 magnum_as defined by the Standard of Safety UL 752 Bullet Resisting Equipment and the Fire Classification (specify fire classification here,) Available Fire Classifications for this product line : ~D' 20 min, `C' 45min, `B' 1- 1.2Hr, `A' 3 Hr as per testing as per UL 0B.
    1. Approval Drawings
      1. The manufacturer shall provide the owner with approval drawings that sufficiently indicate sizes, details and installation procedures for the bullet resistant door and frame assemblies required.


    1. Bullet Resistant Package passers

Basis of Design: Covenant Security Equipment

Product series NBP, website, 866-286-4400

      1. Materials All bullet resistant doors will be manufactured from Balistex ® bullet resistant steels in accordance with UL 752 and UL 10B.
      2. Construction
        1. The door panels shall be manufactured straight, true and square.
        2. Housing assembly shall be welded.
        3. Product finish shall be prime painted. (Note to architect/specifier; Available finishes also include #4 brushed stainless steel or prime painted housing with stainless steel doors and trim).The manufacturer shall prepare and provide the appropriate interlock system to prevent both doors from being open simultaneously.
        4. The Package passer housing shall have a fixed four sided exterior trim frame and a clamping type three sided interior trim frame.
        5. Each door shall be equipped with a door pull per as per the manufactuer's standard design.
        6. Drop Slot Option is available

Optional Dual Rated Package Passer Hardware ………

- Exterior or interior door locking handle

- Exterior or interior door latch

- Door closer on exterior or interior door

- Integral flush pulls for detention applications


    1. Installation
      1. Install all dual rated package passers d accessories in accordance with the approved shop drawings, manufacturer’s written instruction and as herein specified.
    1. Adjust and Clean
      1. Immediately after erection, sand smoothly any rusted or damaged areas of the prime coat and apply touch up of compatible air drying primer.
      2. Check and re-adjust operating finish hardware items, leaving product and proper operating condition.

LEED Information

CSE, is proud to support green building and sustainability. LEED, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings and LEED products. CSE doors and frames and safe transfer products ontribute the maximum number of possible credits for recycled content to the overall LEED certification of the building, under "Materials & Resources: Credit 4 - Recycled Content."

All metal LEED transfer products are recyclable and have been as long as most any material. The steel industry was among the first to realize that their product could be melted and remolded cost-effectively without diminishing quality. Second, metal bullet resistant transfer products last a long time unlike many other disposables. Third, made to order "MTO" orders such as our standard BRD series bullet resistant door and frame means less waste in production and distribution. Last but not least, CSE's Bullet resistant transfer products are made in the U.S., so less-energy is used to get them to you than foreign manufacturers.

Standard Product Maintenance

Painted Surfaces: Use household cleaners or soap and water to clean dirt from painted surfaces. Stainless Steel Surfaces: Periodically use stainless steel cleaner in accordance with the cleaner manufacturer instructions to remove dirt and grime for stainless steel surfaces. ‘Stainless Steel Magic® ’ Stock No. SS22 as produced by Magic American Corporation is a suitable cleaner and polish.