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Secure Your Pharmaceutical Transactions

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to grow, taking the proper safety measures for the transfer of prescription drugs has never been so imperative. Covenant Security Equipment can provide you with the right equipment to make these exchanges safe and manageable.

Built with security and privacy in mind.
Comes with standard level 1 bullet resistance.
Packaged with an intercom, built to last.

Starting at $5,490

Shop Pharmacy Windows

Covenant Security Equipment can customize bullet resistant frames in all sizes that will work simultaneously with a transaction drawer of your choice to complete all pharmacy requirements. Choose between Level 1 and Level 3 Bullet Resistant Glazing or any glass of your choice. You can also choose between a manual or an automatic drawer. A night time drop slot is another option that we provide. Whatever customized style you select, it will arrive fully assembled and ready to install.

Advanced Communication

The 1500 Series of free-standing intercoms are a complete, cost-effective solution for one teller or pharmacist to communicate with one or two drive-up lanes. The Model 1500 works with any of our Transaction Drawers. It has been pre-wired and tested to ensure ease of installation.

Made in the USA.

High Capacity Drawer

Available in manual or electric, these units were designed as pharmacy drawers to provide easy performance during transactions involving bulky or larger products. These drawers are large enough to efficiently pass the largest of prescriptions, as well as convenience items like bags of ice, a gallon of milk or a fridge pack of beverages.