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First Impressions

Your Lobby is your customer's first impression of your business, and it should provide the feeling of safety and security. Unfortunate current events are continuing to prove that Lobby security is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Covenant Security Equipment provides an array of products to protect any lobby. We have Door and Frame assemblies that are available in all protection levels, and include armor-piercing protection. The door frames are made of 16 gauge steel and are customized to match the thickness of your walls. They consist of the same protection level of the ballistic resistant door.

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Floor to Ceiling Protection for Your Employees

Covenant Security Equipment also carries bulletproof woven fiberglass panels. These panels are pressed into an array of different sheet sizes including 3' x 8', 4' x 8', 3'x 9' and 4' x 9', and they are sure to meet your protective barrier needs. The material for these panels is made of ballistic grade cloth that is mechanically injected with resin, maximizing its performance by creating the perfect resin to fiber ratio. All panels are approved by the US Marshal Service and the General Services Administration.

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Secure Your Face-to-Face Transactions

Ticket Windows are another product that Covenant has to offer that can aid the protection of your lobby. Our selection of ticket windows can make transactions safe and easy. Choose from an array of styles, types of glass, or speak through devices.

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