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Starting at $1,700
Covenant Security Equipment Ticket and Teller Windows are designed and manufactured for the budget and security conscious. T1 and T2 Transaction Windows come with your choice of Quarter-Inch Tempered, Level 1 or Level 3 Bullet Proof Glass in various standard and Custom Sizes, with or without speak through devices.The Standard Window with service deal tray is an example of one of the many types of customizable windows that Covenant Security Equipment offers. These easy to install ticket windows get your business up and running quickly, and make exchanges fast, easy, and safe.

Shop Bulletproof Windows

Safety and Security for Your Employees and Business

Ticket windows, Cashier Windows, Pass Thru Windows, and Teller Windows are among the many uses for these versatile, ready-to-install packages. Choose either the T1 models with the pass thru tray built into the base, the T1 with a solid stainless steel base and a sliding door pass thru, or the Transaction Station with a transfer drawer. Consider the Sliding Transaction Windows if you need a larger daytime pass through area.

Create Additional Bulletproofing Protection

Complement your Transaction Window by adding full protection to your wall with Bullet Resistant Composite Panels that are easy to cut and easy to install. The T2 Windows offer separation and convenience with tempered glass. Transaction Windows are available with easy online ordering in your choice of style.

All Windows are Made in the U.S.A!