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Gas Stations and Mini-Marts

Gas Stations and Mini-Marts are high traffic facilities, which can cause them to be at a high risk for crime. Since they are usually open twenty-four hours a day, it puts them at an even higher risk for night crawling criminals looking to wreak havoc in the dark. Ensure the safety of your customers and employees with our selection of bulletproof glass, secure sliding windows, and bulletproof doors.

Find Convenience Store and Mini-Mart Safety Products

Gas Station Transaction Security

Covenant Security Equipment provides a wide selection of bulletproof glass. ¼ inch clear tempered safety glass, clear insulated impact glass, and various glazing options are among some of the choices that Covenant can offer to you and your business.

Sliding and Bi-Parting windows are a great way to make safe transactions between employees and customers, but it is important to ensure safety while doing so. Make exchanges of money and product easier with an assortment of built-in trays and speak-thru devices.

Secured Entry and Exit for Employees

Bulletproof Doors from Covenant can protect the inside of your gas station or convenience store in case of an emergency. Choose between single or dual frames, custom colors, and different selections of glass.

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