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About Us

Covenant Security Equipment, a leading equipment sales division that has been at the forefront of security solutions for over two decades. Founded in 2000 in Phoenix, AZ, we have since expanded our reach with sales offices in Hayden, Idaho and Florida. While security equipment is our core business, we offer a broad range of products that cater to a diverse clientele, including hotels, hospitals, government agencies, convenience stores, restaurants, lobbies, schools, and more.

At, we curate a wide selection of products from various manufacturers to provide our customers with a one-stop-shop for all their security transaction equipment needs. We meticulously screen each manufacturer to ensure product quality, reliability, and timely support.

We understand that balancing security with customer convenience and accessibility while protecting our employees can be a daunting task for business owners. That's why we offer the most comprehensive equipment packages from a single source to simplify the process.

Our primary objective is to safeguard your business, and that's the reason for our existence. Our commitment to delivering responsive, ethical, and efficient service has earned us a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our customers and earn their trust and loyalty as repeat clients.

The Covenant Team

Mike Marshall

COO/Corporate Sales

Call Mike for product customization and volume orders.

Michael Marshall is an internet entrepreneur and online marketing specialist. After joining Covenant Security Equipment (CSE) as its only employee in 2010, Mike has driven up sales by 500% while leading its transition from a banking equipment supplier to a security equipment supplier. Mike focuses on customer education, fast turnaround times for product quotes, and a knowledgeable and responsive sales team that provides excellent service. Rule #1 for CSE - when the phone rings, we answer. 

Mike began his career in 2003 as the co-founder of the Christian Emergency Network (CEN), an online network for the training and mobilization of faith-based, volunteer emergency response teams. Mike has personally trained 30+ community leaders in resource and facility assessment and emergency response planning. Through his work, Mike gained extensive knowledge of faith-based and community organizations' vulnerabilities and security equipment needs.

When he is not working for CSE, Mike handles media production for the theater arts program at the Christian Center School, where his wife Annie is the principal. Mike also trains volunteers for the Ready Coeur d' Alene: Emergency Response Team, where he lives. In addition, Mike enjoys mountain biking, skiing, running, coaching high school soccer, and building sandcastles on the beach with his three kids.

Working Genius: Wonder, Discernment and Galvanizing.

Kurt Jordan


Call Kurt to assess your security equipment and secure transaction needs and receive a quote that best fits your budget.  

Since 1992, Kurt Jordan has served as a Police Officer and Certified Special Investigator in Florida. Kurt knows how criminals and criminal organizations gain access to residential and commercial facilities and prevent them by using the latest equipment. Kurt loves helping customers achieve secure transactions and provide protection for their people and property. By recommending the proper use and installation of reliable, quality equipment and materials, Kurt consistently helped CSE meet and surpass sales goals since joining the team in 2015.

Using his firsthand knowledge, Kurt quickly assesses and discerns risk. For example, most break-ins go right through the front door. A quality door, the right lock, and sturdy anchoring make a difference in the degree of property loss or personal injury. Kurt not only recommends products that thwart criminal activity but also gives specific instructions on how to best use these products based on the customer's situation. From payment boxes to bullet-resistant panels, drive-thru windows, and more, Kurt gives customers the peace of mind that they've chosen well. He's as competent at consulting with homeowners as he is with a facilities manager, a restaurant owner, a border patrol agency, a developer, an education administrator, or with law enforcement. 

As part of his ongoing commitment to safety and security in his community, Kurt volunteers as a Church Security Consultant, educating and training leaders on how to assess risk, staff volunteer safety and security teams, and mitigate risks through effective contingency plans. 

Kurt is a dedicated father and family man who enjoys visiting theme parks, zoos, and attending food truck rallies. 

Certifications: CPTED Specialist, Protecting People and Property USBP08A

Working Genius: Enablement and Galvanizing

Tiffany Mills


Call Tiffany for more information about CSE products, delivery questions, and invoicing.

Since joining CSE in September 2019, Tiffany has been the grease that keeps operations running smoothly. Freight issues, invoicing, shipping status requests, Tiffany handles it easily with a smile. Honing her diverse skills in bookkeeping and logistics, she has built support tools and systems which quickly enable the team to process sales, make shipping quotes, and answer billing questions. She never misses a detail in anything related to the timely fulfillment of orders. Recently promoted to sales, Tiffany brings an exhaustive knowledge of CSE’s 500+ security equipment catalog. She loves helping businesses make their facilities more secure.

Tiffany has over 20 years of customer service experience. As the manager for Starbucks Coffee locations in Northern, ID, she excelled in customer service training and retail management. As a result, she can relate to the needs of drive-thru transaction customers. One cannot overestimate the value of excellent, purpose-built equipment necessary for the safe, clean, and consistent delivery of quick-serve food and beverages. While helping coordinate the launch of a new Starbucks store, she gained a deep understanding of the requirements for the successful installation of equipment and systems. 

Tiffany loves quilting, adventuring in nature, and spending quality time with her loved ones. 

Working Genius: Enablement and Wonder

Dave Kleier

Regional Sales Representative

Call Dave for project planning, budgeting, and schedule development for existing facilities and new construction. 

Dave has over 35 years’ experience in Industrial equipment distribution/sales, and construction project management for several nationally recognized retail organizations. 

From1987 through 2010, Dave has owned and operated Industrial Material Handling businesses in Seattle, WA, and Beaverton, OR, supplying equipment and installation services to a wide range of business. Many of their larger projects often required detailed integration plans working closely with the client and general contractors for seamless project deliverables. 

Since 2011 Dave has focused on providing Construction Project Management services for high profile companies like Recreational Equipment, Inc., and West Marine with projects located throughout the United States. 

Dave joins Covenant Security Equipment as a regional sales and project management resource for clients to help facilitate their security equipment purchase and delivery. Dave can also work directly with your architect or general contractor to ensure that your security equipment is specified, delivered, and installed correctly. 

Sophia Farrar

Customer Service & Logistics

Call Sophia for delivery questions and the status of an order.

Sophia Farrar is a driven individual currently pursuing a degree in Communication Arts for Secondary Education. With a keen interest in the field, she is dedicated to honing her skills in effective communication strategies and techniques.

Sophia's educational pursuit in Communications reflects her passion for understanding the dynamics of human interaction and conveying messages effectively. Through her coursework, she is developing a solid foundation in various forms of communication, including written, verbal, and visual communication. She is also skilled in Graphic Design and has a passion for all of the arts.

In her free time, Sophia loves any excuse to get outside, reading, and music.

With her educational background and practical experience, Sophia is poised to make a significant impact in customer service and logistics.

Working Genius: Tenacity and Enablement.

Dan Graeber

Training Specialist

Call Dan for training in the areas of Situational Awareness, Workplace Violence Prevention, De-Escalation, Active Assailant and much more.

Dan is a training specialist with a diverse background in threat identification and surveillance. He collaborates with corporations, schools, and Houses of Worship utilizing the world’s leading training for identifying and reporting behaviors of concern. This training empowers personnel to be key stakeholders in their personal safety. 

Call Dan for a training solution with current, pertinent information on Workplace Violence Prevention, De-Escalation, or Active Assailants. The training will guide your employees on what to do if they see something that does not look right. There is also training for leaders and managers to know how to handle concerning behaviors of employees, or patrons. 

Dan will partner with you to get your organization Safe Workplace Certified through CPPS. This ensures your organization is consistent with workplace violence prevention and intervention prevailing standards and best practices, likely reduces liability exposure in the event of an incident and assists with talent recruitment and retention. 

While the majority of what Dan currently does is work with Faith Based Organizations and Houses of Worship, he has been in training and consulting for over 30 years. He has traveled forty-eight states and twenty-five countries training key personnel on everything from visual technologies to personal defense. Dan is a native Texan and lives just outside of Fort Worth. He enjoys being outdoors, camping, hiking, hunting, and shooting sporting clays. But his favorite way to spend time is with his wife Tresa, family, grandchildren, and friends. 

Brett Hutchinson

Brand Specialist

Call Brett for general sales questions and referral opportunities. 

Brett Hutchinson is an experienced channel marketing and branding specialist. His responsibilities include developing new sales channels for Covenant Security Equipment with non-governmental agencies, government, higher education, faith-based organizations, and professional organizations involved in safety and security.

Since 2002, Brett has implemented integrated sales and marketing programs for small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. In 2012, Brett joined Juneau Tours and Whale Watch as the Marketing Manager, overseeing sales increases from 45,000 passengers per year to over 130,000 passengers served in 2019. Brett contributed to annual average revenue growth of 21% over ten years. The company rose to the #1 independent tour operator in Juneau, Alaska, and received over 5000 five-star reviews on Tripadvisor. Since 2005, he has worked in community organizing for emergency preparedness and response, writing the training manuals for the Christian Emergency Network, a national network of organizations mobilizing volunteers. 

Based in Juneau, Alaska, Brett enjoys the vast expanse of the Alaska Frontier. High mountains, teeming with wildlife, border the backyard of his home with a 260-degree view of the Juneau Harbor. Each year 1.3 million visitors arrive in the Capital City. Brett serves the local community as a Board Member for the Downtown Business Association and enjoys long walks on the docks near his house with his wife, Serene, and their black lab and pit bull mix named Zac.

Working Genius: Tenacity and Galvanizing

James Wilson

Product Development

Call James with questions about CAD files, product images, and specifications.

James Wilson is an experienced designer and manager. Tapped to expand the CSE catalog of security equipment products, James brings a wealth of experience managing SKUs, vectorizing images for use in architectural plans, and designing resource-rich product pages. In addition, drawing from his 17 years of experience running an embroidery digitizing business, James provides CSE customers with up-to-date technical specifications and design files for architects, construction documents, and bids. 

James’ secret passion is board gaming. He is an award-winning board game designer published in multiple languages worldwide. In addition, James enjoys running, board gaming, hiking and counting his blessings with his wife and their seven children.

Working Genius: Invention, Galvanizing and Tenacity

Brandon Iddings


Call Brandon with accounting and tax planning questions. 

Brandon Iddings is a Certified Public Accountant and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master's Degree in Accountancy from the Keller Graduate School of Management. In 2015, he took over data entry, bookkeeping, and payroll for CSE. As sales accelerated, Brandon's role quickly expanded to meet the need for sales tax compliance. CSE had tax obligations in three states which grew to 24 fast. In addition, Brandon's reporting and analysis played a critical role in managing cash flow, tax planning, reducing costs, and meeting Federal tax obligations for CSE's growing business.  

Brandon's career began in the Air Force at the Malmstrom base in Great Falls, MO. For 4 ½ years, he supported heavy weapons transport and nuclear security while serving on convoy fire teams. While completing his education, Brandon worked as the Security Supervisor for the Arizona Supreme Court. He gained valuable experience in physical security procedures, managing security personnel, facilities access control, and operating security equipment. His background gives him a fundamental understanding of CSE's markets and customers. 

Brandon is an avid big game hunter and loves fishing, but his greatest passion is how he pours as much time as possible into his family.

Working Genius: Tenacity and Galvanizing

Wyatt Moss


Call Wyatt for questions about Google Ad Management and e-Commerce sales.

Wyatt Moss is a seasoned digital marketing veteran who has managed advertising efforts for 100s of companies. Scaling CSE's advertising spending while improving efficiency has contributed to a 70% increase in online sales in 2022. Comparing online performance for the first four months before Wyatt joined the team to the following four months shows revenue from paid search grew by 428%, with ROI on ad spend increasing from $2.24 to $4.60 for every dollar spent. 

Wyatt specializes in planning and executing high-performing digital advertising campaigns for clients with ad budgets between $10k to $65k per month. He takes pride in learning his client's business, understanding their goals, and applying his expertise in online ad campaigns. His work with e-Commerce clients has led to sustained success and a reputation for developing strong, repeatable, trackable, and market-responsive strategies. ROI is king.

Outside of work, Wyatt's favorite hobbies are skiing and playing pool. In addition, he and his wife enjoy hiking, camping, cooking, watching TV, and playing with their two-year-old son.

Working Genius: Discernment and Tenacity.

Alyshea Goodner


Alyshea has an extensive background in customer service and business management. Her detail-oriented approach to projects and ability to clearly and efficiently communicate complex topics is vital in her role as Customer Service Assistant.

She has over 5 years of experience in professional photography, and has served in various education and management roles.

Alyshea has the natural gift of intuitively and instinctively evaluating ideas or plans, and pushing projects and tasks through to completion to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

Working Genius: Discernment and Tenacity

Brian Clark


Call Brian for questions about e-commerce strategy and web development.

Brian Clark is a Front End Developer and Shopify expert. In 2015, when Brian began working for CSE, the 1.0 version of the website could not be scaled or integrated with new shopping software solutions. So Brian scrapped it, overseeing the transition to a responsive, feature-rich, easy-to-use website. He optimized the online shopping experience and created product landing page templates, simplifying introducing new offers. Performance improved dramatically. Conversions jumped. In 2018, online sales matched inbound phone sales for the first time. 

As a Shopify Partner and Shopify development expert, Brian has helped dozens of e-Commerce companies expand their online presence, automate promotions, and integrate email marketing campaigns into their sales process.

Working Genius: Wonder and Tenacity.

Bolton Osazuwa


8662864400 x707

Call Bolton for questions about Google Ad Management and e-Commerce sales.

Bolton is a digital marketing professional who specializes in Google ads and conversion tracking. He began working with Covenant Security Equipment in 2021 to help optimize and scale paid traffic channels. Bolton has over 10 years of experience in paid advertising and has worked with hundreds of ecommerce companies.

When he’s not glued to the computer you can catch him at the gym or playing basketball with friends

Bolton has a natural gift for problem solving and thinking outside of the box.

Working Genius: Invention and Enablement.