About Us

Covenant Security Equipment is the equipment sales division of Interbank-Exchange, LLC. Interbank-Exchange, LLC was established in 2000 in Phoenix, AZ. Since then we have also opened a sales office in Hayden, Idaho. Security Equipment is part of our name and has been our core business for over 15 years. However, you will find a wide range of applications for the products offered to meet your needs. Our customer base extends beyond banks to hotels, hospitals, national and local government agencies, convenience stores, restaurants, lobbies, schools, and more.

CovenantSecurityEquipment.com is the site that brings items together from various manufacturers to offer a one-stop place for security transaction equipment purchases and information. Each manufacturer that we represent is screened for product quality, timeliness, and reliability of production and support.

How do you balance security with customer convenience? How do you protect your employees while still remaining accessible? These are common issues that each business owner faces. Covenant Security Equipment offers the most complete equipment packages, all available from a single source.

Bullet Resistant Transaction Windows with your choice of Level 1 or Level 3 glass provide protection while allowing interaction with your customers. Transaction Drawers and Combination Transaction Stations give the same protection while accommodating the transfer of both small and large items.

We offer many different and unique Drop Boxes for after-hours acceptance of rent, utility payments, prescription drug recycling, and larger items for the convenience of your customers and your security.

At Covenant, we offer safes that can be customized with our options of Fire Rated, Burglary Rated, or Ultra-High Security. We also offer the largest selection of Safety Deposit Boxes available anywhere.

We haven’t overlooked the Drive Thru Lane, either. We offer the convenience of Pass Thru Windows and pre-designed Drive Thru Window Packages; all continue on the theme of offering security while maintaining the customer convenience necessary for your business.

We want to protect your business, that’s the reason we exist. Our goal is to be responsive, ethical, and efficient in order to earn your service as a repeat customer.

The Covenant Team

Mike Marshall

Chief Operations Officer

Kurt Jordan

Customer Service Manager

Sean Moore

Sales Engineer

Tiffany Mills

Administrative Assistant

Brandon Iddings

Accounting Department