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Keeping Our Most Sacred Spaces Safe

Our places of worship should be a place for us to worship without fear of harm to ourselves, family members, or peers. Bulletproof doors, windows, and panels are a few products Covenant Security Equipment carries that promise to create a safer environment for your members.

Bulletproof Safety Windows

Bullet-resistant glass is one safety measure you should consider for your church if you have not done so already. The glass sold by Covenant Security Equipment is half the weight of normal glass and up to ten times more resistant. Choose between BR Level 1 or BR Level 3 fixed pane windows to optimize the safety of the members and staff if of your place of worship.

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Securing the Most Important Parts

The entrances and exits to your building are the highest traffic areas and also the weakest point of security. Using bulletproof doors with heavy-duty locks and hardware is the best way to protect your most important assets: your members.