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Unsettled Economy Increases Fear for Stores

Unsettled Economy Increases Fear for Stores

April 1st, 2020, Tuesday evening. Auburn, Washington. A quiet suburb outside of Seattle. An armed robber enters an auto parts store and shoots the store clerk in the chest. The clerk does not survive.

During the current economic upheaval, some people are choosing to resort to desperate and dangerous measures. These tragic acts of wickedness and violence are sadly all too commonplace. The store owners and employees of America’s retail services need to be protected

Amid the COVID-19 crises and the rising unemployment rate, many store workers are expressing increasing concerns over their job safety, especially when they eventually return to work. We encourage store owners to act now: take the necessary steps to prepare your area of operation for your safety today, and in the future.

Covenant Security Equipment offers an extensive line of security products to keep your business operating efficiently and safely.

Installing our bullet resistant panels is a cost-effective and excellent option for applying protection to existing walls and counters. These panels can be cut to fit any space. Create a protected refuge for you and your employees, should an armed intruder enter your building.

Bullet Resistant Panels

Another excellent solution for safe and practical business continuity is to install a bullet resistant transaction window. This can be installed on your outside wall, allowing your store to remain open, even during more dangerous hours of operation. Customers can simply walk up to the window and talk through a speaker, giving the store clerk the order. The clerk gathers the requested items, accepts payment, and passes the products back to the customer, all while maintaining a protected barrier.

Transaction Windows

If the transfer of larger items such as groceries, medical supplies, automotive parts, or other convenience items is necessary, consider installing one of our bullet resistant transaction drawers. These drawers can be installed beneath a bullet resistant window, and allow for the safe passage of large, bulky products. A speaker and intercom system can be added to our drawers, creating a personable and efficient experience for your customers.

Transaction Drawers

Here at Covenant Security Equipment, we take your safety and protection seriously. We consider it our duty and honor to help protect you and your employees from atrocities like the crime committed in the city of Auburn.

Email us at, or call us at 1-866-286-4400. We look forward to serving you.

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