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New Covid Restrictions Require Changes - We can help

New Covid Restrictions Require Changes - We can help

No business owner wants to be forced to operate with additional restrictions or be forced to close their doors entirely. Many parts of the country are requiring substantial cutbacks in serving customers. Wise business owners need to adjust, and adjust quickly.

In the past, a business owner may have felt the virus would run its course and business would come back to normal. Unfortunately, with restrictions or complete shutdowns occurring in many parts of the country, business owners need to adapt. Covenant Security Equipment offers many options for transaction windows which will allow serving customers who are either not permitted or would rather not enter your premises.

Installing a transaction window will provide for minimal or non contact delivery. In the past we thought about drugstores or fast food restaurants that would use this type of product but today many other establishments would benefit. Keep in mind a business owner is not only working through government restrictions, but the concern and peace of mind customers expect during this difficult environment.

 A dry cleaner could install a transaction window which would allow clothing to be dropped off and cleaned items to be returned to the owner. Sit down restaurants, even if offering curbside delivery would benefit by installing the transaction window to service customers preferring some type of contact without going into the restaurant.

Another consideration is to install an air curtain as part of your window. The air curtain provides a steady stream of air which provides several key benefits. It becomes an additional barrier for virus protection, it keeps dirt, exhaust and other pollutants out of your establishment, and additionally it will actually reduce your heating and cooling expenses.  

Contact your Covenant Security Equipment advisor today to discuss options for transaction windows which will fit your place of business and keep your business flowing. During this difficult time businesses need every advantage possible and these transaction windows may be just the ticket.



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