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Effects of Covid Will Linger Business Must Adjust

Effects of Covid Will Linger Business Must Adjust

All of us want to go back to the pre-Covid-19 business environment. Unfortunately, reality tells a different story and business owners need to continue to make adjustments to serve customers. Currently we are seeing increased lockdowns and restrictions in many states. In the UK, very   harsh lockdowns  have been put in place shutting down much of the economy.  Dr. Fauci  indicates the economy will not get back to normal until the end of 2021.

Granted, there is much controversy regarding the status of the virus and steps governments and businesses should take. The reality is the effects of Covid-19 are not going away anytime soon and we need to adjust in our business. Each individual business will be making decisions how best to combat the virus. We only need look at debates on masks to understand individuals have widely diverse opinions. We need to focus on customers concerns to keep our business functioning.

Covenant Security Equipment offers solutions for providing minimal or no contact transactions with customers. Installing a microphone system will allow clear and crisp communication without the concern of spreading the virus. Frequently when a customer is conducting business through a sliding transaction window, there’s not 6 feet between customer and employee, raising the issue of possible infections.

Microphone systems can be installed in any window application, inside or out, providing your customers peace of mind. The business owner may not believe there is a serious issue of possible infection, but we need to focus on our customers perceptions, not our own perspective. Customers who feel uncomfortable with precautions a business takes will simply shop elsewhere or click online and order. 

Covenant Security Equipment offers a variety of products ranging from sliding windows which include a microphone option, deal trays which provide the ability to pass payments and merchandise, and ticket window options.

We all want the Covid pandemic to end sooner rather than later but current reality indicates businesses may need to plan on another year of some type of restrictions and customer concerns over infections. Contact your Covenant Security Equipment advisor today to discuss cost-effective options for alleviating your customers concerns by creating a safer environment.

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