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Build Security When Constructing Your Store

Build Security When Constructing Your Store

Last year over 80,000 robberies occurred in the United States using a Firearm. Far too many of these robberies occurred in stores, particularly convenience stores. All too often criminals see these establishments as an easy pushover to grab a handful of cash. When an establishment is being built, or undergoing a major renovation, that becomes a great time to install bullet resistant safety features to protect your employees during a holdup.

Contact your Covenant Security Equipment representative to discuss different products which will enhance the safety and peace of mind of your staff.

A good foundation is bullet resistant walls which are available in many sizes and are easily cut to size for custom installation. Your Covenant Security advisor will be pleased to provide installation details on how these panels would easily fit into any establishment.

An additional security item is bullet resistant glass which provides a shield should a perpetrator fire a shot. Transaction windows may be easily added for a pass-through door feature providing additional security, and safe handling, during the transaction process. This feature is particularly beneficial in higher crime and risk areas.

Additionally, installing a high security door will protect occupants in your cashier area from somebody trying to smash the door down when they’re frustrated with the bullet resistant walls and bullet resistant glass.  Frequently, establishments ignore a high-security door, leaving employees vulnerable to assault and can quickly threaten and even trap staff.

The scariest time for a store clerk is late at night when the store is deserted, a car pulls up and a rough looking character starts checking out your parking lot and the store. At this point even though the nerves start tangling, an apprehensive clerk can’t dial 911 every time a shady person walks in.  Building your secure cash register area will give your employees an opportunity to be safe and secure and dial for help at the first sign of a perpetrators gun.

When building a new facility or remodeling your current establishment give some serious thought into integrating these potentially lifesaving safety devices designed to protect the life of your staff. Your Covenant Security Equipment advisor would be delighted to assist in planning and determining the best cost-effective options to provide this outstanding protection.

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