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Install A Comprehensive Transaction Window

Install A Comprehensive Transaction Window

In today’s changing and more perilous work environment, often times the more commonly used sliding window is not the optimum solution for serving your customers and keeping your employees safe. Covenant Security Equipment offers an extensive selection of secure and effective combination transaction windows effectively fitting this enhanced need.

These advanced transaction windows provide the benefit of truly contactless delivery. The money or credit card is placed in a secure tray, retrieved by the employee, processed, and returned back to the customer with change or a signature request. The purchases then are placed in the same device for the customer to pick up. In today’s environment a number of customers are going to be a bit skittish of any possible COVID virus passing their way.  Customers generally don’t give you a thumbs up when they like your secure system, but they may quietly be more inclined to shop elsewhere when not feeling 100% safe.

These comprehensive transaction window solutions offer excellent quality microphones and speakers for two-way communication. 

Another benefit of high-quality windows is the ability to choose bullet resistant options, which in the unfortunate event of an attempted hold up, protects your employees and establishment if the would-be robber unleashes a hail of gunfire.

Further, transaction windows offer a hurricane rated option, approved by the State of Florida as “hurricane ready”. In your situation you may not be dealing with an immediate hurricane strike, but keep in mind if the transaction window is good enough to withstand a hurricane then you know you have the most solid product available. When the state of Florida says the window was good, and they certainly understand hurricanes, you can buy and install these secure windows and know you have taken a significant step in securing your property and protecting employees.

Your Covenant Security Equipment advisor would be happy to work with you in understanding your specific and unique needs and designing a window system targeted to meeting your needs in a cost-effective manner.

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