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Smart Drive Through Window Options

Smart Drive Through Window Options

Over time many of us have become accustomed to drive through windows that are plain and simply slide back and forth with the movement of a hand. These windows may have been fine 10 or 15 years ago but today we have many more options offered by Covenant Security Equipment.

First, select from 14 separate colors which will make your business stand out from your competition. Of course, the more traditional Dark Bronze and Clear Anodized windows are available but take advantage of a window installation as an opportunity to highlight your business colors.

Your actions don’t stop with color choices, another available option is a presence sensor which will keep your window open while passing items back and forth. The sensors meet health food code requirements and will be easier for your staff and customers. An advantage with the automatic closure is you don’t worry about bugs, insects, or diesel fumes getting into your establishment as the window is frequently left open.

You’ll also find the weather resistant sloped sill will provide the additional benefits of taking any spills or dropped items outside your window rather than coming back into the store.

Additionally, the windows are available with security locks which automatically engage with the windows closed so a perpetrator won’t be able to force the window open easily.

At Covenant Security Equipment advisor will be happy to work with you to design and customize the correct size window required along with the additional features and benefits available when installing these windows. When you work with Covenant Security, you won’t look back next year and realize you could have done much better when ordering and installing your transaction windows.

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