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Protecting Police Stations

Protecting Police Stations

Every police officer understands the streets are a dangerous place. Any traffic stop, response to a domestic violence call, or checking out a burglar alarm call may encounter violence quickly with little warning. Even police stations are not immune from violent offenders,  as 3 officers were shot at a Chicago Police station.  A prisoner was being transferred into a holding area when the gunfire ensued.

Covenant Security Equipment offers a comprehensive selection of bullet resistant panels designed to protect police officers while on duty at the station.

First, bullet resistant panels provide substantial protection to officers and civilian staff on duty. While gunshots may be aimed at a specific officer, experience dictates a fatal bullet may fly anywhere, striking anyone. These panels are easily installed in all areas of a station where there is any possibility a perpetrator would be able to have access to shoot. These panels install easily and when complete only the station staff will know where these panels are installed.

When ordering your bullet resistant panels, order batten strips which will provide safety and structural integrity where the seams meet of panels.  These strips are installed on the panel seams, improving protection. These seams are the weak link and are easily correctable with this product.

An additional product is bullet resistant partition panels which are easily movable providing maximum flexibility. For example, during recent assaults on police stations these panels may be redeployed to provide protection from mob violence. In the event of gunfire exchange the panels provide maximum security.

]Staff will develop a peace of mind when they understand the panels are installed to ensure their safety.

Your Covenant Security Equipment advisor will be able to discuss various options and figure out what specifications are required for your station. Additionally, your advisor will be able to provide an overview of the easy installation process and explain exactly the steps needed to install your new panels. 

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