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Protect Your Employees from Gunmen

Protect Your Employees from Gunmen

In Maryland, a convenience store clerk was shot and killed recently by an armed bandit. According to video surveillance the clerk was responding to a demand for money and emptying the cash register when the gunman opened fire killing the employee. Tragically, if the store had installed a bullet resistant screen the bullets would’ve been deflected, and very likely the store clerk’s life would’ve been spared. 

According to a report,  56% of arrestees were under the influence of some type of illegal drugs when arrested.  Looking down the gun barrel of a holdup person is scary enough, but when we consider over half are likely under the influence of some drug, the thief is likely to lose all rational thought and become increasingly dangerous. The situation with the store clerk is only one of many examples that even when a robber is being given the cash they ask for results can still be tragic.

Covenant Security Equipment offers a wide range of transaction windows which can be easily installed in a convenience store providing significant protection between a would-be armed robber and the store clerk. These barriers also offer some protection for customers and your staff from Covid transmission.

Whenever a tragedy strikes like the young woman murdered in Maryland, we can easily look back and think what we could have or should have done differently. As a store owner take the step of protecting yourself and your employees now so you don’t have to look back and reflect on a tragedy that may have been prevented. in today’s unfortunate environment we must accept the reality we are dealing with less rational potential robbers. We know those under the influence of narcotics are not going to act as rationally as those who are not. When somebody simply wants to empty her cash register and head out the door most of us can deal with the cash loss, but when we are dealing with more and more irrational drug crazed individuals, we must increase our standard of safety for staff. 

Contact your Covenant Equipment Security advisor today and explore the options that will protect your staff and avoid future tragedies.

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