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Protect Home Valuables With an Inside Security Door

Protect Home Valuables With an Inside Security Door

Every 26 seconds a burglar enters a premise costing the homeowner an average of $2,800 in stolen items. Often the lost articles are irreplaceable, worth far more than any insurance company would pay out. When a burglar enters a house, they need to work fast.

So, some burglars grab and go within 90 seconds, but eight minutes is more typical of the time a perpetrator will stay in a victim’s house. The thief may not know if they tripped a silent alarm, if curious neighbors will notice something funny going on or when a homeowner may choose to return, given the majority of burglaries are committed during the day when no one is home. Keep in mind that all but the most polished professionals are going to be very nervous, any sound will cause him to jump.

Many homeowners are aware of burglary threats and make an effort to secure outside doors, windows and other possible entryways. One option which may prove to be of significant benefit, is installing an inside security door in one of your closets.

Anything that slows down a potential thief will make them less likely to grab more items from your house. Generally, when confronted with a hard to enter doorway, they will likely move on and seek other options for stealing valuables. The thief may already have been in the house for quite some time when they discover the secure door which is hard enter. 

Covenant Security Equipment offers a variety of secure doors which will make any closet substantially more secure. Your advisor will be happy to talk about options and provide guidance in easy installation of the secured doors. 

An additional advantage of the secure door would be as the thief spends time in your home trying to figure out how to get through the door, there’s less time allowed for additional marauding throughout your house and grabbing more items.

The homeowner can decide what type of shelving and items they wish to put in their secure storage. Many homeowners have a safe and if a burglar is spending significant time trying to get into your secure room then they will have less time to search for the real treasures in your safe.

Another advantage of the secure storage is you’re able to lock items up away from curious children or even houseguests.

Contact your Covenant Security Equipment advisor today and learn about some reasonable cost options for internal security doors which may make the difference between losing family heirlooms and treasures or keeping them secure from sticky fingers.

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