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Store robberies becoming more violent

Store robberies becoming more violent

Store robberies are frightening enough, but in today’s environment violence seems to be increasing. Two thief’s walked into the La Superior Bakery & Grocery in  Columbus Tennessee recently brandishing a gun and demanded cash. Not satisfied to simply grab the money, the thieves beat and sent one of the store clerks to the hospital before fleeing. The police identified the getaway vehicle and during the ensuing chase the vehicle turned over and caught fire as police apprehended the culprits. The suspects had no identification and refused to cooperate after their arrest. Store owners and employees are encountering increasingly violent individuals.

A study by Arizona State University  indicated higher injury rates were consistently experienced when convenience stores were robbed. Covenant Security Equipment offers a variety of safety products designed to protect you and employees from physical altercations.

Bullet resistant glass panels will deflect shots and staff will feel considerably more secure when behind these protective barriers. Even if cash is given to the robbers your staff will feel safer even if an excitable bandit starts firing shots as they are protected. Additionally, these glass partitions may be available with transaction windows and pass-through windows which may be appropriate in particularly high crime areas.

Providing additional protection are bullet resistant walls designed to pick up safety protection where the glass windows stop, like below the window.

When you contact Covenant Security Equipment your knowledgeable advisor will be able to discuss specific options which will fit your unique location, after all one size does not fit all.

When chatting with your security advisor take the opportunity to discuss other security options designed to protect your establishment and employees. Bullet resistant security doors are a great addition in stopping a perpetrator from trying to break in through the back door, whether your store is open or closed. Create peace of mind for yourself and employees when you take solid steps in securing your location protecting employees from physical assault, or worse.

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