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Easy Method for Correct Replacement Window Measuring

Easy Method for Correct Replacement Window Measuring

Perhaps you have an existing pass-through window or transaction door you want to replace or upgrade an older model to better service your customers. A few simple steps will ensure you measure the area correctly for your Covenant Security Equipment replacement windows, saving time and money. Measuring for these replacement windows is easy.


The first step is to always measure from the outside of your building, not the inside which will not give you an accurate measurement.

When measuring the width of the window measure from the outside frame of your current window or the edge of the current opening. Many are tempted to simply take one measurement, but some windows have slight variations in width and we recommend you take a measurement starting from the top of the window, a second at the middle of the window and 3rd at the bottom. If you see a variation in the width, use the shortest measurement.

You can repeat this process by measuring the height, again being careful to measure from the far-left side, the center and the far-right side looking for variation. Again, use the shortest measurement if there is a discrepancy.

When placing an order for your window keep in mind the industry standard is to use the measurements starting with the width and then the height.  For example, a window 4 feet wide and 3 feet high would be 48” X 36” to ensure the correct windows ordered.

Your Covenant Security Equipment advisor would be pleased to discuss with you each window to confirm they are properly measured and to discuss different options. For example, you may prefer custom colors matching your business image, automatic door closing windows, or bullet resistant products which are designed to protect your staff in the event of a violent event.

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