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Security Doors Prevent Break-ins

Security Doors Prevent Break-ins

Your business day is over, and you lock up your establishment in a strip mall. As the owner, you are typically the last to leave. You complete your lockup, leave through the back door, and head home after a long day. 

Consider the possibility of a burglar waiting to enter your establishment after hours when all is quiet. The front entry might be relatively easy to break through, but traffic on the street and lighting will discourage most burglars from using this way to enter your business.

Usually, a burglar will look for an easier and less conspicuous path of entry. A back door typically provides an opportunity to work quietly for a few minutes with little risk of being seen in your back alleyway. That is why Covenant Security Equipment offers secure door options to discourage the most persistent thief from getting into your business. 

Covenant Security Equipment doors are delivered pre-hung to make installation easy. Furthermore, the doors are available with different options including armor and bullet piercing resistance. One of the great benefits of the secure door is the ability to look out when somebody knocks or rings a doorbell from the back. You can see out before you open the door. If you are present when an individual tries to break in, you have the ultimate protection.

Unfortunately, in today’s environment, threats abound with disgruntled employees returning to settle a score or an angry customer or thief looking for an easy hit. Situations requiring bullet resistant and secure doors are not just theoretical. A news story in Philadelphia reported that three employees in a Chinese restaurant were wounded after a perpetrator fired shots through the back door.  These injuries would have been avoided with the Covenant Security Equipment bullet resistant door.

Protect yourself and your business by calling your Covenant Security Equipment advisor and discussing the options that are available to protect your business. 

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