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Bullet Resistant Options for New Homes

Bullet Resistant Options for New Homes

Nothing is more terrifying than to awake to glass breaking in your house or a loud banging on your door at 2:30 am. Even if you call 911, there will be a delay before the police arrive, even for active home invasions. According to a recent Gallup survey, 30% of American households have a firearm for protection. Those who choose a weapon for home defense, face a second reality. If the perpetrator opens fire, bullets can damage or destroy drywall, glass, tiles, and possessions. That’s when you might wish you had thought to install strategically placed bullet resistant panels.

Instructors who train people how to protect home and family advise the homeowner to prepare a retreat location, avoid conflict, and use a weapon only as a last option.  They teach people to prepare for the best possible defensive action.

For most, the best defensive place in your house will still be vulnerable to bullets. Consider a solution from Covenant Security. We make bullet resistant walls manufactured to stop a bullet. You can design these walls to look exactly like any other wall. Only you and your family will know which walls are bullet resistant.

In the frightful situation where you must defend your family, you and your family members will know exactly which walls to hide behind. Hopefully, your first options for defending your hope will deter most invaders.  However, if you exchange gunfire, you should do it where a bullet resistant wall will stop a criminal’s gunfire but allow your shots to find their necessary target.

Few things in life are more terrifying than facing an armed intruder in your home and needing to use a firearm to protect your family. Call your Covenant Security advisor if you are building a new home.  Learn about the shapes and sizes of panels that would fit well within your new home design so they can be installed easily and less expensively than being retrofitted.

What investment is more important than the safety of you and your family?  Call today!

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