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Install Colored Transaction Windows

Install Colored Transaction Windows

In the past when transaction windows were installed most customers were thinking the choice was very limited, black or aluminum. While these windows were always quite functional, we don’t need to be locked into an either-or choice. You have an opportunity to choose colored windows from Covenant Security Equipment.

Many restaurants and other establishments using transaction windows have a color coordinated scheme, a theme you want to continue throughout your building as much as possible. Color coordinated windows will help complement the theme of your establishment. While choosing a black window to go with a red theme may be okay aesthetically, when you install a red window, you’re sending a subtle message to customers of consistency.

Each window is powder coated to keep the window looking fresh and easy to clean. The windows are available in many colors including red, yellow, green, purple, brown, tan and orange. 

Further, upgrade to include a presence sensor device in the window. The key benefit for this it allows the window to stay open while you’re serving customers and passing items back and forth, but will automatically close once a transaction is completed. This provides a cleaner and safer environment within your establishment.

When you’re driving around town check out the transaction windows being used by other businesses, how many are simply boring black or aluminum? Nearly all of them.  The colored window options offered by Covenant Security Equipment will allow your business to pop in a way others don’t, and besides colored windows are just more fun.

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