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Secure School Office Doors

Secure School Office Doors

During normal times, schools are challenged in dealing with the occasional unruly parent, the type that wants to charge into the school office, demand to see the principal or other officials to settle their grievance now. Angry and abusive parents are intimidating, in some situations dangerous.

During the current extraordinary challenges schools face during the Covid pandemic the temperature of many parents is increasing. School boards make policy when to open and close schools, but it is school administrators who face the brunt of angry parents who are unhappy with those decisions.

Installing secure doors from Covenant Security Equipment will close down the easiest point of access for an angry parent or anyone threatening school staff. The doors are available with a wide range of security benefits.

The doors are offered with a number of window options ranging from a peephole, all the way to nearly full glass option allowing those in the office to observe what’s happening while at the same time being protected behind bullet resistant door and glass.

An additional benefit is the doorframes, in some instances a doors weakest link, provide the same high-quality protection as the door.  The secure hardware and hinges provided will complete your security package.

Ordering the correct door and size may be intimidating and your Covenant Security Equipment advisor will be ready to discuss with you ways to customize a door to your specific requirements.  Keep in mind shipping is always included in the price and is important to understanding shipping cost when determining the total value of your door purchased.

You likely have witnessed on television some angry exchanges between school officials and parents, who insist schools open now while some school officials must weigh and measure the safety of staff, students and teachers.  With new strains of COVID emerging schools are likely going to need to navigate the delicate question of when to be fully open, closed or mixed with some students learning from home and others in the classroom. One out-of-control parent may cause a tragedy, safeguard your school office today with a secure door.

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