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Protecting Your Business: The Importance of Secure Bullet-Resistant Doors and Walls

Protecting Your Business: The Importance of Secure Bullet-Resistant Doors and Walls

The recent tragic shootings in the Atlanta area and Boulder, Colorado remind us of the importance of businesses preparing for different types of threats. While most robbers simply want to take money and leave, those suffering from mental illness may be much more violent and difficult to reason with. Furthermore, the randomness of many of these attacks suggests that the anger may not be directed at any one establishment, making safety features necessary to protect customers and employees at all times.

When a gunman opens fire, employees need secure places to retreat. Covenant Security Equipment offers secure bullet-resistant doors that may be installed in one or two interior locations inside the business. At the first sign of trouble, employees and others can quickly retreat to these locations, lock the secure door, and maintain a significant level of protection. These doors are highly secure and will take a persistent perpetrator with tools some time to break through.

In addition, doors may be ordered with a bullet-resistant see-through window, allowing employees to see who is outside the room and preventing unauthorized entry.

Bullet-resistant walls are also available to install on either side of the door, providing maximum protection for staff.

The key goal is to provide enough time for police response. Building a secure internal room or two can provide your employees with an opportunity to retreat safely. After installing the safe room, take some time to train employees on how to utilize and become secure in these locations.

Your Covenant Security Equipment advisor will be pleased to discuss different options and offer perspectives on how best to secure one or more locations within your premises. While we can't stop all violence in today's environment, a wise businessperson has the opportunity to improve survivability should a worst-case scenario strike your business.

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