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Protecting Municipal Offices

Protecting Municipal Offices

The Department of Homeland Security recently issued a heightened threat warning, included are government buildings. Today, local governments across the country are taking the wise step of protecting their staff and the public from potential violent attacks. 

Your Covenant Security Equipment advisor will be able to provide insights and cost-effective options to secure or upgrade the security in your office building.

First, install transaction windows which allow for the delivery of payments, receipts and other items without physical contact. This is wise during the Covid pandemic. The transaction windows may be easily upgraded to provide for bullet resistant and bulletproof protection.

Covenant Security Equipment offers a number of options in addition to the standard transaction tray, including those for passing larger packages back and forth.

Another great option are drop boxes which allow folks to drop off payments or other paperwork with no contact and these drop boxes operate 24/7, providing additional security and improved customer service. These secure drop boxes are available with a number of options, including drive-up, walk-up, or installed in the wall of the municipal facility.  

In addition, bullet resistant panels may installed providing protection from a worst-case scenario attack.  We understand a bullet will go through drywall like a hot knife goes through butter and the extra protection is necessary in today’s challenging and far more riskier environments.

Completing a secure building environment are numerous options for secure doors, which will be very difficult to kick open while providing bullet resistant protection.  

In Columbus Ohio  payments for property taxes were altered because of concern of violence and we all need to take increased precautions in today’s environment.  The many options offered by Covenant Security Equipment will provide a safe work environment while at the same time providing highly functional interaction with the public we serve and avoiding giving the appearance of isolating staff from our constituents. 

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