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Protecting schools from Gun Violence

Protecting schools from Gun Violence

Recently, Fortune Magazine  reported 392 situations where a firearm was brought into a school, including one example by a preschooler.  These situations dictate that schools must take serious precautions in protecting students and faculty.

In a situation where a firearm is threatened, the perpetrator often looks through windows to find a target to threaten or fire upon. Bullet resistant glass will deflect the danger, keeping people safe. Keep in mind most individuals using or threatening use of a firearm are going to be very scared and not thinking through every step. Most will look for the easiest target of opportunity which is easily located behind a window.

The solution is to install bullet resistant glass panels which will protect students and faculty.  Covenant Security Equipment offers a variety of options to protect your most precious responsibilities. Your Covenant advisor will be happy to discuss options and explain installation requirements to maximize protection.

Bullet resistant windows are available in either clear anodized or dark bronze frames, allowing for flexibility of integrating appearance with security.

Bullet resistant windows are constructed using a combination of materials including glass, acrylic and polycarbonate.  The result provides a pliable material, providing the spreading out of force throughout the window.  A laminated surface also avoids shattering. The difference is instead of a volatile projectile going through the window the bullet is stopped because the energy is absorbed throughout the entire window protecting children.  

Additionally, when a situation arises during a school lockdown and someone wanted to break through a window by throwing a chair or other heavy object against the window, the resistant material will provide a significant deterrent for someone wanting to enter a classroom.

When you contact your Covenant Security Equipment advisor you will obtain helpful information clarifying specifications, the best used applications, and full information for proper installation.

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