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Protect Children and Staff from School Shootings

Protect Children and Staff from School Shootings

Schools are increasingly alert for violence, particularly now that students are returning to the classroom in greater numbers.  Recently four shots rang out at Philander Smith College  in Arkansas while food service workers and one student were in the cafeteria. Fortunately, in this instance the shots failed to strike anyone, but as we know the difference between a critical injury, or death, and a student escaping unscathed may be a matter of inches.

Schools consistently take steps to protect students and faculty in an increasingly violent society. Covenant Security Equipment is an outstanding partner in providing protective security solutions.

Bullet resistant glass may be easily installed providing significant protection. When reviewing security arrangements, consider those areas considered vulnerable to an outsider.  Some windows may face a street or an unguarded parking lot and would be an easy target. Schools frequently harden the more obvious entries by school offices but may neglect these other vulnerable places. 

Additional products which are effective are bulleted resistant walls which are easily installed either with external or internal walls. The bullet resistant walls are easily cut to size and are not difficult to install. Full instructions and guidance are provided by your Covenant Security Equipment advisor.

Additionally, areas like cafeterias may have exit doors to the outside and Covenant Security Equipment provides bullet resistant doors providing significant protection for students.

Take a few minutes and walk around your school campus taking into consideration areas that may be vulnerable to gunfire.  Philander Smith College was spared a major tragedy because the bullets failed to strike a mark, but had the shots been fired at a time when the cafeteria was full of students, a major tragedy may have unfolded. Your diligence as a school administrator and foresight may well make the key difference in a young student’s life, a difference which literally may be between life and death.  

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