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Protecting Staff During a Holdup

Protecting Staff During a Holdup

In Detroit Michigan a man committed an armed robbery at a Dollar Store, forcing an employee to open a safe, he then zip tied both employees.  Situations like this are frightening for employees and store owners alike. Nervous and shocked employees giving the slightest reaction may possibly set off a tragedy from a jumpy gunman.

Your Covenant Security Equipment advisor will be able to offer numerous solutions providing physical safety for store employees.

For example, bullet resistant glass will deflect gunfire protecting store staff. At times even when store clerks do not resist, tragedy has the potential to follow any armed robbery. These partitions offer a wide variety of options including pass-through windows, and even transaction drawers.  Further, transaction drawers may be installed on an outside wall permitting customers to purchase merchandise without even entering your store.

Additionally, bullet resistant panels may be installed underneath your clear glass partitions providing additional protection for any employees that hit the floor at the first sign of gunfire.

Your employees will appreciate you as a business owner to have taken the step of protecting each person from injury or possibly a fatal shooting. Employee morale will improve as everyone experiences the investment you’re making in each person’s safety and welfare.

When working with Covenant Security Equipment, each customer has the benefit of working with a highly trained advisor who will walk you through all the options and suggest cost effective ideas which will protect employees.  The value of Covenant Securities employees will make planning and executing protective strategies much easier, you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

In today’s increasingly dangerous environment a store owner may not be able to eliminate every threat of violence to themselves or employees, but by taking the step of installing bullet resistant protection you will have taken a significant step in protecting your colleagues. 

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