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Measuring Correctly for Your New Transaction Window

Measuring Correctly for Your New Transaction Window

Many business establishments are adding transaction windows as an easy option for some customers who prefer not to enter the store and to provide additional security options for store owners.

Before taking the step of correctly measuring your opening, check in with your Covenant Security Equipment advisor and discuss different options to provide the best possible experience for customers and meeting your requirements as a business owner.

For example, what type of items do you plan on using the window for: carry out meals, larger packages? 

In some situations, you may want to choose to upgrade to a high security bullet resistant window providing enhanced protection for your employees. Other popular options include windows which will automatically close, reducing the energy bill for the business. Other options include those with an air curtain which provide a steady flow of air keeping contaminants, including automotive exhaust, out of the business and reduce the energy bill by keeping cold air out in the winter and hot air out in the summer.

In the past, most businesses were stuck with black, metallic, or brown framing for transaction windows. Today Covenant Security Equipment offers a wide variety of colors to spiff up your look and match the décor of your establishment.

The measuring process isn’t overly complex, but you need to always start with the outside. Use an accurate tape measure and identify the exact size opening you prefer. Then deduct 3/8th of inch from the rough opening size to determine the frame-to-frame size of the window. Make the same alteration for the height. 

The frame size and rough opening size of our windows can be found under the “Tech Specs” tab on each of the product pages. Don’t hesitate to call if you have further questions about measuring for your window opening. 

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