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Doctors’ Offices Under Threat

Doctors’ Offices Under Threat

Last month a gunman, who had been turned down for a position earlier, burst into a pediatric medical clinic in  Austin Texas  taking five people hostages. After a prolonged hostage situation, a negotiator was unable to defuse the situation which tragically resulted in the murder of one physician and the suicide of the gunmen.

Across the United States, medical offices are under increased threats from individuals exhibiting mental illness, drug addiction, or acting out in severe anger. Clinics need to increase safety for staff, and your Covent Security Equipment advisor will be ready to offer impactful suggestions for protecting employees.

Doctors offices want to maintain the personal contact as patients are serviced. There are a number of protective barriers available which will make a doctor’s office invasion less likely and maintain patient contact.

Secure doors which are bullet resistant and very difficult to break through is a first step. These doors may be installed between the waiting room and the doctor’s office which make forced entry considerably more difficult. Further, secure outdoor doors will strengthen the back entrance to avoid individuals entering during office hours or after. The Covenant Security Equipment doors come with complete framing, which often is the weakest link in a secure door, to provide maximum protection.

Bullet resistant panels are easily installed in a wall and will further protect staff should a gunman indiscriminately open fire through the walls thinking the bullets will penetrate.

Many physicians offices either have installed permanent class type partitions, or are considering making the investment as a way of protecting patients and staff from Covid and other viruses.  Covenant Security Equipment offers partitions which will provide bullet resistant security for staff, along with virus protection. These partitions are available in a variety of configurations which provide for easy pass-through of papers, and medicines.

Unfortunately, many violent acts are not easily predictable. In this situation, the only contact the shooter had with the clinic was being turned down for a position, and records indicate there were no past arrests for violent behavior. Connect with your Covent Security Advisor and begin to review options to protect your medical team in the future.

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