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Payment Pass Thru (0183)

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SKU: CSE-AS-EDU-Head-Chute

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Payment Pass Thru, Through-Wall Payment Pass Thru Head and Chute (Chest not included).

Stainless Steel Head is 7.5 x 10.75 inches wide and has a protective rain shield and lift plate. Slot opening: 5/8 high x 6 1/4 wide.

Delivery Chute is 2.5 x 6.75 inches wide, cut to fit your wall depth. Please note, brackets on each side of chute increase overall width to 8.25 inches wide . Anti-fish teeth welded at end of chute prevents fishing.

Thru The Wall InstallationThe Payment Pass Thru can be installed in either a thru-wall or in-wall setting. The clear opening for attaching the Exterior Stainless Steel Head to Interior Envelope Chute should be 4" H x 9" W.

Your wall depth measurement is needed at the time of order to allow for a proper thru-wall or in-wall fit.