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Ready Access 131 Bi-parting self closing Drive-Thru Slider Window | Multiple Color Options

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USA Made
12 Month Warranty
SKU CSE-RA-131-BP-5337-1/4-CLEAR
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Size: 53½” (w) x 37¾” (h)
Color: Standard Clear
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The best part of your drive thru.

Anodized aluminum extrusions and ¼” tempered glass combine to give you an attractive, functional, affordable transaction window that will not rust, pit or weather. Track free bottom sill provides for a contaminant free serving surface. Bottom sill is angled downward to provide protection against the elements such as rain, sleet, and snow. The 131 Bi-Parting Slider automatically locks each time the window closes, providing security when the window is left unattended. Available in a variety of colors.

12 month warranty. Made in the USA. Ships fully assembled, ready to install.Ready Access Drive thru window bi-parting Covenant Security EquipmentReady Access bi-parting drive thru window Covenant Security EquipmentReady Access Bi-parting drive thru slider window Covenant Security Equipment


Installation screw holes: 1/4"

Weight: 80lbs

53-1/2″ (W) x 37-3/4″ (H) x 4" (D):

53-1/2″ (W) x 43-3/4″ (H) x 4" (D):



Window unit size: 53-1/2″ (W) x 37-3/4″ (H) x 4" (D)
Service opening: 18" (W) x 31" (H)
Rough Opening: 54-1/4″ (W) x 38-1/2″ (H)


Window unit size: 53-1/2″ (W) x 43-3/4″ (H) x 4" (D)
Service opening: 18" (W) x 37" (H)
Rough Opening: 54-1/4″ (W) x 44-1/2″ (H)


1/4" clear tempered glass


Grey | RAL # 7031 | HEX # 5b686d
Black | RAL # 9005 | HEX # 0e0e10
White | RAL # 9016 | HEX # f1f0ea
Tan | RAL # 7034 | HEX # 92886f
Copper | RAL # 8003 | HEX # 7e4b26
Orange | RAL # 2000 | HEX # da6e00
Yellow | RAL # 1018 | HEX # faca30
Lime | RAL # 6018 | HEX # 61993b
Forest | RAL # 6002 | HEX # 325928
Teal | RAL # 5021 | HEX # 007577
Blue | RAL # 5017 | HEX # 005b8c
Purple | RAL # 4005 | HEX # 76689a
Pink | RAL # 3014 | HEX # cb7375
Red | RAL # 3020 | HEX # bb1e10

Covenant Security Equipment, Inc. July 2006

9323 N. Government Way STE 12

Hayden, ID 83835

Toll Free: (866) 286-4400

Fax: (623) 505-9783

Product Guide Specification

Specifier Notes: This product guide specification is written according to the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) 3-Part Format, including MasterFormat, SectionFormat, and PageFormat, as described in The Project Resource Manual—CSI Manual of Practice.

The section must be carefully reviewed and edited by the Architect to meet the requirements of the project and local building code. Coordinate this section with other specification sections and the Drawings. Delete all “Specifier Notes” when editing this section.

Section numbers and titles are from MasterFormat 1995 Edition, with numbers and titles from MasterFormat 2004 Edition in parentheses. Delete version not required.

SECTION 08582 (08 56 19)


Specifier Notes: This section covers Covenant Security Equipment flush-mount and bump-out pass-thru windows. Consult Covenant Security Equipment for assistance in editing this section for the specific application.



Specifier Notes: Edit the following list as required for the project.

  1. Flush-mount pass-thru windows.
  1. Bump-out pass-thru windows.


Specifier Notes: Edit the following list of related sections as required for the project. List other sections with work directly related to this section.

  1. Section 07620 (07 62 00) – Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim.
  1. Section 07920 (07 92 00) – Joint Sealants.

Specifier Notes: Delete the following sentence if electrical power is not required to operate the pass-thru windows.

  1. Section 16100 (26 05 00) – Wiring Methods (Common Work Results for Electrical).


Specifier Notes: List standards referenced in this section, complete with designations and titles. This article does not require compliance with standards, but is merely a listing of those used.

  1. ASTM A 240 – Heat-Resisting Chromium and Chromium-Nickel Stainless Steel Plate, Sheet, and Strip for Pressure Vessels.
  1. ASTM A 653 – Steel Sheet, Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) or Zinc-Iron Alloy-Coated (Galvannealed) by the Hot-Dip Process.
  1. ASTM B 209 – Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Sheet and Plate.
  1. ASTM B 221 – Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy Extruded Bars, Rods, Wire, Profiles, and Tubes.
  1. ASTM C 1048 – Heat-Treated Flat Glass--Kind HS, Kind FT Coated and Uncoated Glass.


  1. Comply with Section 01330 (01 33 00) – Submittal Procedures.
  1. Product Data: Submit manufacturer's product data, including materials, components, fabrication, finish, and installation instructions.

Specifier Notes: Delete electrical wiring diagrams from shop drawings requirements if electrical power is not required to operate the pass-thru windows.

  1. Shop Drawings: Submit manufacturer's shop drawings, including plans, elevations, sections, and details, indicating dimensions, tolerances, materials, fabrication, glazing, fasteners, hardware, finish, electrical wiring diagrams, options, and accessories.
  1. Samples: Submit manufacturer's samples of standard finishes.
  1. Manufacturer's Certification: Submit manufacturer's certification that materials comply with specified requirements and are suitable for intended application.
  1. Manufacturer's Project References: Submit list of successfully completed pass-thru window projects, including project name and location, name of architect, and type and quantity of pass-thru windows installed.

Specifier Notes: Delete electrical wiring diagrams from operation and maintenance manual requirements if electrical power is not required to operate the pass-thru windows.

  1. Operation and Maintenance Manual: Submit manufacturer's operation and maintenance manual, including operation, maintenance, adjustment, and cleaning instructions, trouble shooting guide, parts list, and electrical wiring diagrams.
  1. Warranty: Submit manufacturer's standard warranty.


  1. Manufacturer's Qualifications: Minimum of 25 years successful experience continuously manufacturing pass-thru windows.


  1. Delivery: Deliver materials to site in manufacturer's original, unopened containers and packaging, with labels clearly identifying product name and manufacturer.
  1. Storage: Store materials in clean, dry area indoors in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
  1. Handling: Protect materials and finish from damage during handling and installation.



  1. Covenant Security Equipment,9323 N. Government Way STE 12, Hayden, ID 83835. Toll Toll Free: (866) 286-4400 Web Site: E-Mail:

Specifier Notes: Specify the required pass-thru windows and delete the others. Consult Covenant Security Equipment for assistance in determining pass-thru windows for the specific application.

Specify the service opening size, opening direction, clear or tinted glass, and color of the silicone glazing sealant for each pass-thru window. Custom service opening sizes are available.


  1. Flush-Mount Pass-Thru Windows: 131 Bi-Parting Slider Window.
  2. Service Opening: [18 inches wide by 31 inches high] [18 inches wide by 37 inches high] [ ________ inches wide by ________ inches high]. Adjustable to 18 inches or 12 inches wide.
  3. Door Operation: [Manual open/self closing] [Fully automatic with electronic presence sensor].
  4. Door Type: Bi-parting, sliding, 2 door panels.
  5. Frame: Extruded aluminum, ASTM B 221, Alloy 6063-T6 and 6063-T52.
  6. Aluminum Sheet: ASTM B 209, Alloy 5005-AQ-H34.
  7. Galvanized Steel Sheet: ASTM A 653, G90.
  8. Bottom Sill: Track-free.

Specifier Notes: Delete the optional security bar set if not required.

  1. Security: Automatically locks each time door closes. Manual security locks. [Security bar set.]
  2. Fasteners: Stainless steel rivets and hex-head zinc-plated self-threading machine screws.

Specifier Notes: Delete the handle for fully automatic door operation.

  1. Handle: Black Delrin handle with pressed-in stainless steel spring pins. Stainless steel handle mounting bracket. Stainless steel spring-loaded pins.
  2. Glazing: 1/4-inch tempered glass, ASTM C 1048, [clear] [tinted].
  3. Silicone Glazing Sealant: Dow Corning 999A, [bronze] [aluminum].

Specifier Notes: Specify one of the following electrical requirements for fully automatic door operation.

  1. Electrical: [115 V, 60 Hz, with 15 A branch circuit] [220 V, 50/60 Hz, with 8 A branch circuit].


  1. See individual model for guide specifications.


  1. Assembly: Factory assembled, factory glazed.


Specifier Notes: Specify one of the following anodized finishes or the powder coat painted finish for each pass-thru window.

  1. Anodized:
  2. Statuary Bronze, AA-M10-C12-C22-A44, ASTM B 580.
  3. Clear, AA-M10-C12-C22-A31, ASTM B 680.
  1. Powder Coat Painted:
  2. Paint: Tiger Drylac Series 49.
  3. System: Heated phosphate-cleaned, electrostatic powder-coated, infrared oven-cured.

Specifier Notes: Consult Covenant Security Equipment for availability of custom colors.

  1. Color: __________________ .



  1. Examine areas to receive pass-thru windows. Notify Architect of conditions that would adversely affect installation or subsequent use. Do not proceed with installation until unsatisfactory conditions are corrected.


  1. Ensure openings to receive pass-thru windows are plumb, level, square, accurately aligned, correctly located, and in tolerance.


  1. Install pass-thru windows in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
  1. Install pass-thru windows plumb, level, square, true to line, and without warp or rack.
  1. Install pass-thru window components weathertight.
  1. Anchor pass-thru windows securely in place to supports. Use attachment methods permitting adjustment for construction tolerances, irregularities, alignment, and expansion and contraction.
  1. Separate aluminum from other metal surfaces with bituminous coatings or other means approved by Architect.
  1. Sheet Metal Flashing: Install sheet metal flashing as specified in Section 07620 (07 62 00).
  1. Joint Sealants: Install joint sealants as specified in Section 07920 (07 92 00).

Specifier Notes: Delete the following sentence if electrical power is not required to operate the pass-thru windows.

  1. Electrical: Install electrical power as specified in Section 16100 (26 05 00).
  1. Repair minor damages to finish in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and as approved by Architect.
  1. Remove and replace damaged components that cannot be successfully repaired as determined by Architect.


  1. Adjust doors to be weathertight in closed position.
  1. Adjust doors and operating hardware to function properly and for smooth operation without binding.


  1. Clean pass-thru windows promptly after installation in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
  1. Remove excess joint sealant in accordance with sealant manufacturer's instructions.
  1. Do not use harsh cleaning materials or methods that would damage glazing or finish.


  1. Protect installed pass-thru windows to ensure that, except for normal weathering, pass-thru windows will be without damage or deterioration at time of substantial completion.