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CSE-NC-TTU | Amplified Speak-thru

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$1,700.00 - $2,000.00
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USA Made
12 Month Warranty
by Norcon
Power Source: Battery
Bullet Resistance: Non-bullet Resistant
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The TTU system permits hands-free communication between the booth attendant and the customer. VOX circuitry facilitates ongoing, clear, 2-way conversation at all times, as if both people were in the same room. The auto mute function of the TTU prevents outside noise from bothering the attendant. If the employee does not speak into the microphone for 30 seconds, the outside channel volume will be reduced by 70%. Normal operation is restored as soon as the employee speaks into the microphone. The TTU provides clear communication even in environments with high ambient noise. It includes sound shaping circuitry for maximum intelligibility and compression circuitry to lower harsh loud sounds. The TTU supports both wired and wireless headsets. Headsets consists of a boom mic and a single headphone speaker that covers one ear.

• TTU housing: Machined aluminum, anodized finish, tamper resistant.

• Size: Outside face plate 5" dia. x ½" deep. Inside control housing 5" dia. x 2½" deep.

• Microphone: 18" Gooseneck microphone

• Weight: 4 lbs.

• Mounting: Partition hole 3"-4" dia. (3½" recommended).

• Control Panel: Listen volume. Talk volume. Power switch: power off, power on, power on with auto mute. Headset jack. Power LED. Talk LED.

• Specify barrier thickness when ordering.