CSE-SDXN-6 Safe Deposit Boxes


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Outside Dimensions: 16" High x 32.5" Wide x 24" Deep

The SDX & SDXN Series of safe deposit boxes combine 1/2" solid alloy doors faced with stainless steel with cabinets of powder coated rust resistant steel. For high security, the doors are designed with a heavy flange which interlocks the door jamb. The modular cabinets can be stacked in sections and bolted together through predrilled holes in the frame.

As standard, these safe deposit boxes are equipped with a double nose, key changeable lock on both the guard and renter side. The safe deposit box locks are list by Underwriters Laboratories.

Each safe deposit box lock is firmly attached by four anchor points to prevent punch attacks. Glare resistant matte finish number plates are recessed into a special frame and compliments the stainless steel finish. The number plates may easily be changed at a later date if renumbering becomes necessary.

Each opening includes a metal bond box for belongings. The bond boxes are constructed from sheet metal and finished in a gray enamel.

Optional Leveling Bases are constructed of heavy duty tubular steel and finished to match the boxes. The bases raise the boxes an additional 3".