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CSE-B-AXN-7 Safe Deposit Box

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    Model: AXN-7
    Series: AX Series Safe Deposit Boxes
    Finish: Stainless Steel with Brass Hinges
    Outside Dimensions: 22.25" H x 11.0625" W x 24" D
    Bond Box: Included
    Openings: 7
    Door Sizes: 3" x 10"
    Weight (Lbs): 86
    Locks: Double Nose
    Numbering: Customer Specified

    The AX & AXN Series of safe deposit boxes combine 1/2" solid alloy doors faced with stainless steel with cabinets of powder coated rust resistant steel. For high security, the doors are designed with a heavy flange which interlocks the door jamb. The modular cabinets can be stacked in sections and bolted together through predrilled holes in the frame.

    As standard, these safe deposit boxes are equipped with a double nose, key changeable lock on both the guard and renter side. The safe deposit box locks are list by Underwriters Laboratories. They may also be ordered with guard key disabled for single user access.

    Your Covenant AX or SDX Series Safe Deposit Boxes come standard with two (2) copies of each user key on each box door. There is one (1) copy of the Guard Key per nest.

    These boxes normally ship within two weeks of order.