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CSE-B-AXL-2-10 Series Teller Lockers

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Model: AXL-2-10
Series: AX Teller Lockers
Finish: Stainless Steel with Brass Hinges
Outside Dimensions: 11 1/8” H x 32 1⁄2” W x 24” D
Bond Box: Included
Openings: 2
Door Sizes: 10" x 16"
Weight (Lbs): 132
Locks: Double Nose
Numbering: Customer Specified

Advanced design, rugged construction, improved security.

The AX series modular teller lockers come in 6 different configurations, and offer a modular design and size to allow mix and match combinations to more precisely fit the need. The AX Series Lockers offer storage for cash trays, bulk coin and currency, as well as many other uses such as short-term laptop computer storage.

The three elevations, 11 1/8", 22 ¼" and 33 3/8" allow the best space utilization while providing the desired number and size of openings.

The AX series of lockers combines 1/2" solid aluminum doors faced with stainless steel with cabinets of powder coated rust-resistant steel. The locks and hinges are gold to match our AX Series of Safe Deposit Boxes .

For high security, the doors are designed with a heavy flange which interlocks with the door jamb. All lockers are equipped with U.L. listed double key changeable key locks. Combination locks or electronic combination locks are available as an optional extra.