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T3 Style 24x36 Bullet Resistant Ticket Window w/ Natural Voice Frame and Laminate Base

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Frame Color: Clear Anodized Aluminum

Transaction/Security Exchange/Ticket windows are designed with your security in mind. Used widely in cash express locations, ticket booths, hotels, security deposit locations and anywhere security is required for the transfer of funds or smaller items. The three sided hollow metal "natural voice" frame and "non-ricochet type" design of the pass thru tray is unique to the T3 series. This design of the natural speak through edge allows clear communication with customers without the obstruction of a round speak through. Constructed of 5" fixed jamb aluminum frame, this window is also available in Level 1 and Level 3 bullet resistant glass. These windows come standard with a deal/dip tray built into the base with 10” x 16” service area.

Standard Features
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Natural Voice Spacers - (Figure 1)
  • Non-Ricochet Type Design lined with UL Listed Bullet Resistant Composite
  • High Pressure Laminated, Black Plastic Shelf
  • Dip tray with a 16 ga. stainless steel, # 3 finish 10" x 16" (Figure 2)
  • Finished Color - (Dark Bronze or Clear Aluminum)
  • Level 1 Glass
Optional Features
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Stainless Steel Shelf - 18 ga. with #3 finish
  • Level 1 Bullet Resistant
  • Level 3 Bullet Resistant
  • Custom Sizes - please give us a call

Glazing Options

Bullet Resistant Acrylic is one of the most commonly used bullet resistant plastics. This product is most easily recognized by its clarity and is used in the majority of check cashing and convenience store locations.

Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate is the highest quality bullet resistant polycarbonate in the industry, is manufactured to high tolerances without ripples or waves, and is a non-ricochet material.

Bullet Resistant Laminated Glass is used when scratch resistance is a major concern or where the bullet resistant transparency will be facing the exterior of the building.

Bullet Resistant Glass-Clad Polycarbonate is lighter than laminated glass and offers higher degree of protection with less weight.