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Bullet Resistant Metal Interior Door with Multiple Window Options

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$3,600.00 - $5,900.00
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USA Made
12 Month Warranty
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Size: 36" (w) x 84" (h)
Bullet Resistant Level: Level 1
Window/Daylight Opening: No Light
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Bullet Resistant Hollow Metal door and frame assemblies are designed of “non-ricochet type” intended to permit capture and retention of attacking projectile, lessening potential of random injury or lateral penetration.

Frame uses cold rolled steel prime painted steel which is cut then broken and welded to size. Frames includes armor installed in 2″ face to meet ballistic protection level. Door uses cold rolled steel prime painted steel skins with channel supported edges with ballistic armor and foam insulation inserted to meet ballistic protection level required. Assembly leaves factory swinging on frame using heavy duty clear anodized aluminum continuous gear hinge prepped for cylinder, mortise lockset or exit device.

Standard Features

  • Complete and pre-hung with a heavy duty continuous hinge
  • Available in all protection levels, including armor-piercing protection.
  • Required hardware preparation is completed prior to shipping based on the customer-provided template.
  • All bullet resistant glass configurations and types are available as well as custom door sizes and pairs.
  • The frames are fabricated from 16 ga.steel, fully welded, prime painted, mortised and reinforced for required hardware. (Split frames optional.)
  • Frames are of the same protection level as the door and all are custom sized for specific wall thickness.
  • The core consists of UL Listed Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Composite , levels 1-10, with hardened steel for greater protection requirements.


  • Ballistic Level (UL): 1 to 10
  • Height: 84” | 80” to 108”
  • Thickness: 1 3/4 ” | 2″
  • Width: 36″ | 32″ to 48″
  • Application: Interior
  • Core Material(s): Fiberglass Armor with Particle Board
  • Finish: Primed
  • Frame Primary Material: 16 Ga. Steel | 14 Ga. OR 12 Ga. Steel (Upon Request)
  • Glazing: Glass/Polycarbonate Composite | Glass-clad Polycarbonate | Multi-ply Polycarbonate | Acrylic Polycarbonate Composite
  • Hardware Included: Clear Anodized Aluminum Continuous Gear Hinge
  • Hardware Prep: Prepped for Cylinder, Lockset, or Exit Device
  • Operation: Swing
  • Primary Material: Steel/Stainless Steel


  • Exterior
  • Bullet Resistant Level 4-8
  • Wrap Frame, Split Frame
  • Electric Geared Continuos Hinge
  • Falcon T581 Lockset with a Satin Chrome Finish
  • Schlage L9070 mortise or ND70 cylindrical locksets with 626 finish
  • Von Duprin 99L AL 36” exit devices with Schlage trim in 626 finish
  • LCN 4040 door closers (aluminum BAMA 689)
  • National Guard 160VA weather stripping and 896V thresholds

A Door Manufacturing Specification Worksheet must be completed and submitted with the order. Frames are prepped for hardware that is specified and supplied by others. The customer must provide the hardware template.

    1. SUMMARY
      1. Section Includes:
        1. Bullet-resistant steel door and frame assemblies.
      1. Related Sections:
        1. Division 01: Administrative, procedural, and temporary work requirements.
        2. Section [08 7100 - Door Hardware.] [__ ____ - _______.]


      1. American Welding Society (AWS) ( D1.3/D1.3M - Structural Welding Code - Sheet Steel.
      1. ASTM International (ASTM) ( A1008/A1008M - Standard Specification for Steel, Sheet, Cold-Rolled, Carbon, Structural, High-Strength Low-Alloy and High-Strength Low-Alloy with Improved Formability.
      1. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) ( 752 - Bullet Resisting Equipment.
      1. Design Requirements: Provide door and frame assemblies of “non-ricochet type" intended to permit capture and retention of attacking projectile, lessening potential of random injury or lateral penetration.
      1. Provide hardware templates to door and frame assembly manufacturer for preparation of door and frame units to receive hardware other than hinges.
      1. Submittals for Review:
        1. Shop Drawings: Include door and frame profiles and sizes, type and spacing of frame anchors, reinforcement size and locations, details of joints and connections, and welding details.
        2. Product Data: Include product description for door and frame assemblies including bullet-resistant ratings.
      1. Sustainable Design Submittals:
        1. Recycled Content: Certify percentages of post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content.
        2. Regional Materials: Indicate cost of products harvested, extracted, recovered, or manufactured within 500 mile radius of Project site.
      1. Closeout Submittals:
        1. Maintenance Data: Include instructions for cleaning of glazed panels.
      1. Door and Frame Assemblies: Ballistic Level [[1,] [2,] [3,] [4,] [5,] [6,] [7,] [8,] tested to UL 752.] [AP.]
      1. Doors and frames manufactured by same firm.
      1. Store door and frame assemblies upright in protected, dry area, off ground or floor, with at least 1/4 inch space between individual units.
      1. Do not cover with non vented coverings that create excessive humidity.
      1. Remove wet coverings immediately.
      1. Contract Documents are based on products by Covenant Security Equipment, 157 W Hayden Ave., Hayden, ID 83835
      1. Substitutions: [Under provisions of Division 01.] [Not permitted.]
      1. Steel Sheet:
        1. ASTM A1008/1008M, cold rolled, free from scale, pitting, coil breaks, and other surface defects.
        2. Recycled content: Minimum [__] percent, with minimum [__] percent classified as post consumer.
      1. Bullet-Resistant Composite: UL Listed Bullet Resistant Composite by ARMORTEX, of UL level equal to specified door and frame ballistic protection level.
      1. Ballistic Steel: Hi-Hard Ballistic Steel, of UL Ballistic Level equal to specified door and frame ballistic protection level.
      1. Hinges: Aluminum continuous gear type.
      1. Doors:
        1. Fabricate with 16 gage steel face plates, foam insulation, and [bullet-resistant composite] [ballistic steel] core.
        2. Weld 16 gage rails and stiles to face plates with flush surface on all edges.
        3. Factory hang doors in frames using specified hinges.
        4. Mortise and reinforce doors and frames at factory to receive hardware in accordance with approved hardware schedule.
        5. Vision Panels: Clear glazing material of same ballistic level as door and frame assembly.
      1. Frames:
        1. Same ballistic protection as doors.
        2. Fabricate from 16 gage steel lined with [bullet-resistant composite.] [ballistic steel.]
        3. Weld frame corners; knock-down and mechanical joints not acceptable.
      1. Welding: In accordance with AWS D1.3/D1.3M. Grind exposed welds flush and smooth.
      1. Finish work neat and free from defects.
      1. Allowable Tolerances: Plus or minus 1/16 inch for frame opening width, height, diagonal dimensions, and overall width and height (outside to outside).
      1. Steel:
        1. Dress tool marks and surface imperfections to smooth surfaces.
        2. Clean and chemically treat steel surfaces.
        3. Apply manufacturer's standard rust inhibiting gray primer paint.
      1. Install door and frame assemblies in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and approved Shop Drawings.
      1. Set plumb, square, and level.
      1. Secure to adjacent construction using fastener type best suited to application.
      1. Drill and tap for surface-mounted hardware in field. Install hardware in accordance with Section [08 7100.] [__ ____.]
      1. Field alterations to door and frame assemblies other than drilling and tapping for surface-mounted hardware not permitted unless approved in advance by manufacturer and Architect.
      1. Touch up minor scratches and abrasions in primer paint to match factory finish.
      1. Adjust doors to swing freely, without sticking or binding.