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Audio Authority Audio-Video Intercom Hub | 1510A, 1511A, 1512A, 1513A

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Lanes: 4x4 Hub | 4 Counter and Lane Stations
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The Audio-Video Intercom Hub configuration can be easily upgraded with additional Counter Cards or Lane Cards.

  • Performs all voice and video signal routing functions for multi-lane systems
  • Accommodates audio-video and/or audio-only Counter and Lane Stations
  • Typically located in telephone closet or under a counter
  • System settings are stored on a removable media card (proprietary format) for security or replication purposes
  • Capacity easily expanded
  • Tough steel enclosure containing Counter, Lane, and System cards designed to be wall-mounted
  • Inputs allow multimedia source devices to play advertising content whenever the lane is idle
  • Direct outputs from wide angle camera and/or lane cameras for surveillance recording