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CSE-HT-SC-100 | Amplified Speak-thru

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SKU: CSE-HT-SC-100 | CA-1

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Production of this product has been affected due to Covid-19.
Estimated ship time for wired units is 2-3 weeks.
Estimated ship time for battery units is 4-5 weeks.
    1/4" tempered windows usually have a 4" opening and require the AP 4.
    Bullet resistant windows usually have a 5" opening and require the AP 5.
      Please provide the glass thickness that the Amplified Speak-thru will be installed in.
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      You can hear me now.

      The perfect solution for environments with lots of background
      noise such as parking lots, stadiums, banks, subways, zoos,
      or hospitals. An amplified speak-thru with gooseneck microphone
      is a premium upgrade from a standard speak-thru,
      and can be easily installed in your existing window.

      Amplified speak-thru details

      Talk all day.

      Choose from either a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
      option, or an integrated AC power option. Either
      way, you'll be equipped for clear communication,
      all day, every day.

      Amplified speak-thru battery AC power details

      Fits multiple opening sizes.

      Our amplified speak-thrus may be installed in an existing
      circular window opening, ranging from 3.00" to 5.00" diameter.
      For sizes over 3.5", the speaker will come with an
      adapter plate to cover the larger opening.

      Amplified speak-thru bullet resistant

      All the details.

      The battery-powered option features a sleek design
      with durable and thoughtful features. AC-powered
      options come with conduit for a clean installation,
      and the cable may be fed down through the counter
      to a power source.

      Amplified speak-thru details

      Maximum security.

      Conduct your business with peace of mind. Choose up to Level 3
      bullet resistance protection, especially important if installing
      in a bullet resistant window. Give you and your employees the
      necessary confidence to serve your customers safely in all locations.

      Amplified speak-thru bullet resistant

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      Purchased a window from CSE and now you need a amplified speak-thru? 

      Non-Bullet Resistant windows typically have a a 4" hole opening.  Bullet Resistant windows typically have a 5" opening.  It is best to measure the hole prior to making an order and then select the hole size from the variation menu. 

      SC-100; SC-100L; and SC-350 mount to a 3.0”-3.5” hole.  Common adapter plates:

      AP-4 for 4.0” hole AP-5 and AP-5BR for a 5.0” hole AP-6 for a 6.0” hole (no BR for this version)