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Bullet and Blast Resistant Fixed Exterior Aluminum Window | 400 Series

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USA Made
12 Month Warranty
Size: 24" (W) x 36" (H)
Finish: Clear Anodized Aluminum
Bullet Resistance: Level 1

The 400 Series curtain wall window is an aluminum framed blast and ballistic window. This curtain wall window system reduces installation costs and provides high levels of protection..

These blast-resistant curtain wall windows meet all Department of Defense and GSA blast requirements, as certified by an independent testing facility. Our bullet proof curtain wall systems deliver exceptional performance to guard against multiple threat types. Not only do they resist bullets, blast, and forced entry but can also protect against storm and tornado damage.

In addition to providing the highest levels of protection against threats, we can offer  fully thermally broken aluminum windows that deliver higher degrees of energy efficiency than competing products. This makes them the ideal choice for use in storefronts, as transaction windows or in curtain glass window systems.

Transparencies: The protected side of the transparency in some instances is polycarbonate and susceptible to scratching. Care should be taken when cleaning these surfaces. Use a mixture of liquid soap and water and clean, soft clothes or sponges for cleaning. The following cleaning agents have been found to be compatible with polycarbonate: Formula 409, Joy, Palmolive Liquid, Top Job, Windex with Ammonia D. Fresh paint splashes, grease and smeared glazing compounds can be easily removed before drying by rubbing lightly with a good grade of VM&P naphtha, isopropyl alcohol or butyl cello solve (2-butoxy ethanol). Do not use butyl cello solve in direct sunlight. Using a mild automobile polish can minimize scratches and minor abrasions. Three such products that tend to polish and fill scratches are: Johnson’s Paste Wax, Novus Plastic Polish #1 & #2 (Novus Inc., Minneapolis, MN), and Mirror Glaze Plastic Polish M.G.M10 (Mirror Brite Polish Co., Pasadena, CA). It is suggested that a test be made of a sample with the product selected and that the polish manufacturer’s instruction be followed.

Important Don’ts:

  • DO NOT use abrasive or highly alkaline cleaners on polycarbonate.
  • Never scrape or scrub polycarbonate with squeegees, brushes, razor blades, or other sharp instruments.
  • Taping notices, etc to this surface should be avoided. The tape adheres to the mar resistant coating and peels the coating off when the tape is removed.
  • DO NOT use benzene, gasoline, acetone or carbon tetrachloride on polycarbonate.
  • DO NOT clean polycarbonate in hot sun or at elevated temperatures.

When cleaning glass, it is recommended that Windex with Ammonia D or other compatible household window cleaners be used to minimize streaking.

Aluminum: The aluminum trim can be cleaned similar to the transparent surfaces. Isopropyl alcohol can be used for tougher spots. Care should be taken not to scratch the aluminum surface.