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SafeShutter Bullet Resistant Swinging Whiteboard

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USA Made
12 Month Warranty
Size: 36" (w) x 72" (h)
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SafeShutter is a bullet resistant whiteboard that obstructs an attacker’s line of sight. The SafeShutter can be swung 180° to impede an attackers progress. In the event of an emergency the SafeShutter™ can also be used as a defensive position. The SafeShutter™ provides bullet resistant safety over any windows or doors.

• Heavy Duty Hinge
• Maple header board attached
• 0° to 180° swing to meet multiple configurations
• Spring-loaded floor bolt with 2 dust proof floor strikes
• Anodized Aluminum trim
• Ships ready to install

36 x 72 Drawing
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36 x 84 Drawing
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42 x 72 Drawing
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42 x 84 Drawing
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