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What is a Flag Drop?

What is a Flag Drop?

Some think a flag drop is the moving flag attached to a taxi meter. Others think of the retractable flag on a mailbox.  However, at Covenant Security Equipment we are talking about a drop box that collects American flags for proper flag disposal.

Shredding, burning, or throwing an American flag away is disrespectful not only to the community, but to our veterans and those currently serving in the military.  A flag drop box is a good option to allow your community to properly dispose of worn, torn or faded American flags in a respectful manner. 

How do you know if your flag has served its time and needs to be retired? The U.S. Flag code states that when the flag “is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, it should be destroyed in a dignified way.”   A flag is fit for display if the original dimensions are still intact and if the stars and stripes are true to their color and shape. However, stains or discoloring affect the appearance and alter the message the flag was created to communicate and presents a reason for disposal. If after assessing the condition of your American Flag you believe it has served its time, it should be retired.

Use common sense when you choose a procedure for destroying your flag.  Make sure the disposal method is in good taste and shows no disrespect. Many of the following organizations have collection sites in your local community:  American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, your Mayor, the City Hall, or other patriotic organizations. After collecting the flags, they perform a respectful flag burning ceremony that maintains the integrity of this American symbol.

If you are unable to find a flag drop in your community or if you are in an organization that would like to provide one, Covenant Security Equipment can help. Our Flag Drops are made from high grade, heavy gauge, brushed stainless steel parts. They come with a Lifetime Warranty against rust-through corrosion, guaranteeing an excellent product. We also sell these with customizable patriotic wraps. Contact us at to learn about more options.

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