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Want To Increase Convenience Store Profits? Install Our Air Curtain!

Want To Increase Convenience Store Profits? Install Our Air Curtain!

We all live in a challenging economic environment when every penny counts and every day store owners need to seek additional ways to cut costs,  and preferably improve customer service at the same time.

The Air Curtain from Covenant Security Equipment provides a wonderful option with many benefits reducing energy cost while at the same time enhancing the customer experience.

Most stores have coolers allowing customers to reach in directly for sandwiches, cold drinks, salads, perhaps apples or other goodies needing to remain cold.  Not all refrigerated products will fit into a cooler behind a door and the Air Curtain solution is designed to provide a significant cost benefit for coolers without installed doors.

The Air Curtain from Covenant Security Equipment provides an invisible flow of air across the cooler providing a barrier that prevents cold air escaping into your store, reducing your energy costs significantly over time. Another benefit is the temperatures remain constant in your cooling unit and the consistent temperature helps preserve the food. Many of had the experience were part of the cooler is too cold while some of the outer fringes failed to maintain the proper temperature. When walking by your cooler you can literally watch your money evaporate from your cooler into the room.

Further, the Air Curtain provides a deterrent to insects that may be flying around your store. Customers don’t need to see a fruit fly zeroing in on the salad they were considering purchasing. Even when products have protective wrapping no one wants to feel the environment is unclean.

The Air Curtains may be designed by your Covenant Security advisor for both horizontal and vertical applications. Your advisor will help you determine the correct size and configuration of unit to provide the ideal energy cost saving option. The sooner you call and determine the best choices, the sooner you’ll be able to start saving on your energy bill while at the same time avoiding a customer picking a fly off a sandwich, or worse deciding to pick up a meal elsewhere.

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