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Transaction Window Care and Maintenance

Transaction Window Care and Maintenance

Transaction windows, much like any service product, require proper attentiveness and maintenance to allow for the full value and longevity to be used. Regularly inspecting and caring for your drive-thru windows will ensure peak performance for a longer time.

Covenant Security Equipment has been producing drive-thru windows and service windows for over 20 years, so we understand the importance that our windows play in your business and the effort that goes into preserving your drive-thru window. Here are a few methods to get the best out of your drive-thru window.

Clean the Frame

The frame is an extremely important part of any drive-thru window, especially surrounding the area where the window opens. It should be one of the first parts that you clean and inspect. Start by using a soft brush to sweep out any debris stuck in the frame. Then, scrub down the frame with a wet sponge and nonabrasive soap, getting rid of any smudges, leaves, bird droppings, or any other organic matter. Avoid any sort of acidic, or abrasive industrial cleaners, because they can ruin the finish on the frame, or even destroy the serial number and certification information on the window frame. After sweeping and washing are complete, wipe the frame dry. 

Don’t forget to check out the sill, and near the guide track on sliding windows for any food debris that might be stuck or wedged in the frame. A common place to find this debris is underneath the drive-thru window’s moving panel, so make sure you brush or vacuum it all out.

Take Care of Window Glass

Window glass is one of the most important aesthetic features of any service window.  Routine cleaning and care of your drive-thru window glass is a simple step that can go a long way for clarity and performance, whether your glass type is standard clear or energy-efficient Low-e.
Cleaning the glass is a pretty simple process; a combination of water and mild dish soap will be an effective cleaning solution that you can rinse right off. Wipe dry with a soft cloth to get some clear and clean windows! However, when you clean your drive-thru windows, there are few things you should avoid so you don’t damage the glass or the insulating seal. These things include:

  • Petroleum-based cleaners
  • Caustic chemicals
  • Razor blades
  • Putty knives
  • Abrasive pads
  • High-pressure water hoses

For windows with bullet-resistant glazing (acrylic and polycarbonate), only warm water and soap should be used for cleaning. Other solutions can cause damage to the glazing.

Routinely Inspect Your Transaction Windows

A routine inspection of your drive-thru windows every season is a simple way to increase the performance and longevity of your service window. The best method to prepare yourself for recognizing any possible issues with your drive-thru window is to check out the maintenance manual that comes with your specific window model.

Check for Water Infiltration and Moisture

One purpose that your drive-thru windows serve is being a barrier between the inside and the outside. This means they need to be sealed from allowing any water infiltration into your business, so this should be another aspect that you consistently check. A great time to inspect this is during a big rainstorm (or spraying a hose on the windows from the outside if you are lacking in nearby storms). 

Confirm that the drive-thru window edges are properly sealed and there are no leaks or water stains by the frame or the surrounding areas. You should check for any signs of water infiltration immediately after you complete installation, as you want to avoid any possible water damage due to lingering installation or construction issues. Be sure to inspect the weatherstripping on the window. Over time this material can sometimes wear and require replacement if there appears to be any leakage. If you discover any signs of water damage, get it checked out by a professional immediately as water damage could cause further harm to your window and building framing, or even your electrical wiring. 

For windows with insulated glass, you should check for moisture within the window panes, which would indicate a failed seal that is reducing the energy efficiency of your drive-thru window. 

Operational Maintenance

Stainless-steel ball-bearing slide rail systems in windows and drawers should be kept clean and re-oiled with a lightweight oil every 6 months for durability and to ensure the smooth operation of the window. The lead screws on all electric drawers should be cleaned and degreased every 6 months.
If the transaction window is automatic then the window should be disconnected prior to conducting any service. In addition, the photo-electric eye for the automatic windows should be kept clean and inspected so that they are securely fastened to the wall.

Maintaining Your Transaction Window

To get the most value and service out of your drive-thru window, you must be somewhat diligent in taking the right steps to maintain and care for their operation. It’s suggested that you perform these checks and inspections at least once per quarter, although it might be more frequent depending on drive-thru usage, weather conditions, and general debris near the window. 

Covenant Security Equipment has been supplying service windows across the nation for over 20 years, so we know the right ways to squeeze the best out of your drive-thru window. Follow these steps as often as you can, and feel good about the level of performance you are getting for your money. Contact Covenant Security Equipment today with any other questions or concerns, and see why we are such a trusted supplier.

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