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The Pickup Window

The Pickup Window

Pickup drive thru window
The introduction of mobile ordering and delivery services has accelerated the number of convenient options available for customers. Restaurant specific apps as well as apps like DoorDash or Grubhub are making it easier than ever to get food on the go. As businesses adjust to this new demand, pickup windows are becoming a great addition for streamlining the delivery of orders taken on the go. 

Fast Casual is the most popular type of restaurant embracing the pickup window. With up to 70% of their revenue generating from the drive-thru, advanced ordering and pickup windows alleviate wait times in the drive-thru and improve the flow of customers. Some restaurants are even building stores with 2-3 windows and allocating a section of these windows exclusively for pickup orders. 

Digital sales in restaurants have grown 23% and represent $26.8 billion in sales and this is only expected to increase. Market leaders are pioneering new technologies and strategies to better serve customers that increase their revenue and market share. Pickup windows aren’t just for restaurants either. They can be used with any business that allows its customers to order ahead of time, which is ever increasing in the midst of a pandemic. Mobile ordering has become a key deciding factor for where customers shop and order their food.

Those embracing the pickup window:

Apple is testing a streamlined pickup window for online orders. While they have always preferred to build stores where customers would want to hang out for long periods of time, they are adjusting to customers’ new shopping demands in the midst of a pandemic.

In 2019 Chipotle launched ‘Chipotlanes’ with a specially designed drive-thru pickup window in over 60 restaurants. Based on the success of the drive-thru pickup window, they also opened the first of many new planned walkup pickup windows.

Teaming up with DoorDash, Chick-Fil-A began offering delivery for 11,000 stores and even started using ghost kitchens for delivery orders without opening new restaurants. Pickup windows provide the DoorDash employees a way to pick up orders with ease.
Pickup drive up window

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