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The Importance of Offering Hotel Safe Deposit Boxes

The Importance of Offering Hotel Safe Deposit Boxes

Hotel guests are too often victims of theft of valuables from hotel rooms. Conde Nast Traveler reports on several real-life situations. Mark was returning to his room after dinner and encountered two teenagers ransacking his room. The youths fled but the hotel was not able to explain how the perpetrators were able to enter Mark’s room. Arno had the scary experience of somebody opening his room at about 3 AM and when confronted simply mumbled they must have the wrong room and moved on. These criminals are looking for zonked out guests so they can enter the room a quietly, grab a few things, and move on. Another scam occurs when a “guest”, dressed in swimming attire, tells a maid they forgot the key and can they open the door using the passkey allowing them to enter a room and search for loot. 

When hotel customers lose valuables, they are understandably upset and will look to the hotel to reimburse for any losses. No Innkeeper wants the experience of irate customers.

Further, there may be financial liability depending on the state. Insuranceopedia reports many innkeepers are protected if a safe deposit option is provided and clearly communicated to guests. Covenant Security Equipment offers customized safe deposit options which will protect your hotel guests from losing valuable belongings. Some items like jewelry may have tremendous sentimental value and the issue isn’t simply reimbursing the value, it is dealing with the anger and upset which could easily be avoided had the safe deposit option been provided.

The safe deposit box options don’t need to be installed like a bank vault and are available in a number of cost-effective and size options. Generally, these are installed either behind the check-in desk or in a secure internal office, providing 24-hour access for hotel guests.

The modest investment in Covenant Security Equipment safe-deposit boxes provides enhanced protection for your hotel guests, protecting valuable property, and avoids nasty upset scenes at the front desk while protecting the innkeeper from additional liability as provided by each state law.

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