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Secure Doors Provide Security

Secure Doors Provide Security

In Boston at thief stole cast and threatened a clerk with a knife by breaking through a back entrance door.  The store manager said, “It happens like every week at all of the stores around here,” he said. “It’s too hard to be working like this.”

Across the nation thieves are looking for points of entry into stores, especially after the store closes. Doors, especially backdoors, out of sight of others are a common entry point for thieves. One advantage to the would-be bandits would be the back door is usually out of sight and passersby are less apt to call 911 and summon the police. This is especially true after store is closed.

Covenant Security Equipment offers an excellent selection of doors designed to thwart break-ins. Your advisor would be happy to listen, understand your needs, and recommend comprehensive solutions to protect your establishment and employees.

In this situation the assailant not only took $500 cash, threatened the clerk by knifepoint but then forced the store clerk into the basement in attempt to gain access into the safe. Fortunately, in this instance only the cash was taken but with many assailants under the influence of drugs and alcohol what was a scary and frightening moment could’ve turned into a tragedy.

Additionally, when an establishment is closed a backdoor makes an attractive entryway because frequently the perpetrator is hidden as they endeavor to enter the store.

In today’s discretion criminal environment, we are not in a position to eliminate all threats, but a Covenant Security Equipment secure door will provide substantial protection in one of the most vulnerable areas of entry. Our experienced CSE team will be happy to work with you and establish the best options for your situation, your staff will appreciate the step you take in providing for their security.

Consider a Bullet Resistant Door in Aluminum, Wood or Steel

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