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T1 Style Level 3 Ticket Window

T1 Style Level 3 Ticket Window

Widely used in cash express locations, ticket booths, hotels, security deposit locations, and anywhere security is required for the transfer of funds or smaller items, our Level 3 T1 style ticket window is built with security in mind. Combine this window with our bullet resistant panels and you have the most secure transaction area on the market.


Here is the combination of products that make up the Covenant Security Equipment Level 3 T1 Style Ticket Window with added BR Paneling:


  • Level 3 Glazing:

Having a clear window at your transaction station so that you can see your customers is important for great customer service as well as creating visibility of a possible threat. Our Level 3 glazing can take a shot from a .44 magnum and still keep you safe while not compromising window clarity.


  • Bullet Resistant Speak-thru:

This is a heavy duty speak thru device made of stainless steel. It provides level 3 bullet resistant protection to whoever stands behind it. It is pleasing to the eye and provides a “natural” speak-thru, meaning your natural voice travels through the window without any amplification.


  • Bullet Resistant Deal Tray:

Made of stainless steel, the deal tray is non-ricochet and comes with a flip cover to prevent drafts from entering the building.


  • Bullet Resistant Paneling:

This will need to be ordered separately from the window, but add this to the walls surrounding your window and you will have a very safe transaction area. You can order levels 1-8 and all levels can be cut in the field with a diamond-grit blade. We suggest you get a level 3 or higher to make sure it matches the protection capabilities of your window.


Whatever your application may be, if you are looking for a secure way to transfer funds or small items, our Level 3 T1 style ticket window is for you. Our 30x36 Level 3 T1 ticket window is a STOCK item that comes completely assembled and ready to install, meaning a quick turnaround and installation. If you are interested in a custom size, let us know, we can absolutely work with you. Email us at if you have any questions or would like a custom quote.

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