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Social Distancing Is Here to Stay

Social Distancing Is Here to Stay

Until a few months ago, we thought social distancing meant stepping back from someone when we encountered their bad breath. Today, social distancing carries a huge connotation with significant emotions, including anger from some, when they see others who do not keep their distance.

We would all like to believe that in a few months everything will go back to normal.  While we hope and pray for COVID 19 to disappear, reality suggests the virus will hang around a while. Many establishments which have remained open or may open shortly, have already adjusted for maintaining social distancing between customers and employees. Experts do not agree about how long the virus will be a problem.  However, a wise businessperson makes adjustments based on customer perception. When customers feel uneasy about their health when visiting our business, they won’t come back. 

Before COVID 19, I stopped for a few minutes at a coffee shop where they served my drink in a ceramic mug. I noticed that dishwashing standards were shaky at best.  It appeared they gave it a quick rinse with soap and onto the next customer. I did not feel my health was being protected so I left the drink, moved on, and have not returned.

McDonald’s, known for innovation, has opened a new restaurant in the Netherlands focused on maintaining social distancing for customers. They designed the restaurant for customers to experience protected service while maintaining maximum safety. Should the pilot work well, the format will be rolled out in thousands of locations. The McDonald’s pilot location includes marked spaces for customers to stand and ordering from a kiosk only. For dine in, a staff person will roll your meal out on a cart keeping all interaction to a minimum. 

McDonald’s organization would not make these investments unless they were worried about the long- term customer concern over virus infections. Restaurants need to embrace the concept that we must adjust to long-term social distancing practices. 

Covenant Security offers a wide variety of products which will provide an attractive option for maintaining safety for your guests. Talk to your Covenant Security advisor to discuss secure shields, pass-through windows and other options which will make your guests feel safe and secure long-term. Most of the time, when guests feel uncomfortable over health concerns, they will simply walk out and never return.  It is lost revenue you can’t afford to see flyaway.

Call Covenant Security and explore ways to provide the optimum safety your customers want.

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