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Serial Thieves Exploit Weak Security at Pharmacies Nationwide

Serial Thieves Exploit Weak Security at Pharmacies Nationwide

In the Detroit area, a 27-year-old Flint man was arrested for the armed robbery of nine drugstores over 13 days. The perpetrator walked into stores wearing a hoodie and a surgical mask. According to the Detroit Free Press, "He ordered the clerk to open the register and presented his right arm with what appeared to be a handgun. The man threatened to shoot the clerk. He grabbed the money from the drawer and left."

The Detroit area pharmacy thefts reveal a common weakness in pharmacy security. The suspect had direct access to the register. Pharmacies, a desirable target for quick cash and pharmaceuticals, often have open counters which offer no protection against "jump-overs," a grab-and-go technique thieves use to enter the storage area. 

In Mountain View, CA Two men jumped over the counter, forced the clerk to open the safe, stole the majority of the contents and ran out of the pharmacy.

In Mountain View, CA, at about 7 p.m. on March 10th, 2022, two men jumped over the counter, forced the clerk to open the safe, stole most of the contents, and ran out of the pharmacy.

These stories are not isolated incidents. Emboldened by lax enforcement in many US cities, criminals brazenly enter stores with the expectation that they will be let off without consequence. Pharmacies with open counters invite robberies. Perpetrators can threaten employees directly, with no barrier in between, bypass staff, reach into opened registers, enter the storage area, and escape quickly. 

A secure pharmacy transaction station protects against jump-overs and intrusions. Like a drive-thru pharmacy transaction station, it replaces the open counter with a closed, ticket-style transaction window blocking direct access. A pass-through drawer, intercom, and bullet-resistant glass isolate the customer from the pharmacy staff without sacrificing the ability to communicate. Optional ADA compliant hearing loops cut background noise for hearing aid wearers. 


By reducing or removing the crime opportunity, pharmacies can lower the risk of being a robbery victim. Criminals fear hardened targets. Behind a visible and secure transaction station, pharmacy staff feels safer and has more options for responding to an armed robber. Bullet-resistant glass gives an additional layer of security against forced entry. These attractive and non-intrusive barriers protect from a potential armed robbery while at the same time providing a barrier against virus transmission. Customers appreciate the extra step pharmacies take in avoiding virus transmission.

Contact one of Covenant Security Equipment's sales team at (866) 286-4400 to learn how secure pharmacy transaction stations thwart pharmacy crime and protect people and property in pharmacies. 


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